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Embarrassing Moments...

They happen to all of us and they're pretty hilarious to read AFTER the fact.

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Spud Australia
One time in class I had been playing on my iPod and the teacher walked pass so I put the iPod inbetween my leg and the bottom of the desk and pretended to get on with my work. I'm a bit to tall for my desk so legs touch the bottom of my desk so my iPod was getting squished and it pushed down on the home button and voice control came up and made that little noise I do t think any one heard it but someone must have said my friends name and it started face timing her and the iPod said face timing r....... Really loud and everybody turned and looked at me including my crush !!! SOOOOOOO EMBARRASSING !! Now I never bring my iPod to school
One time, my family and I were driving to my cousins house for a visit. They only thing is, my cousins live really far. The whole car ride I really had to go... so I held it in and when we greeted our cousins I held it in for a little longer, and soon, we went to their basement to watch some tv, and I wanted to act cool so I just calmly (as much so as I could be) stood up and crossed my legs and practically hopped to the bathroom. I didn't even turn on the light I was so desperate! Finally, when I was alone in the bathroom I mistakenly let all of it out and it was all of the floor, I don't think my cousins noticed----- but it was very embarrassing to have to wipe up the floor yourself. And for the rest of the night I walked around with soaking jeans (which no one noticed except for my brother and I just kept walking when he asked) the whole night!
Emily age 15, AR
One time when I was like five and me,my mom,and my sister were at JCPenny'sand I really had to go pee and I went to ask my mom to go to the bathroom. She asked if I could wait and then I peed my self like alot!!!!After that I had to put on pants that didn't match and had to carry my wet pants in a bag out the door!!!!! SO EMBARISING!!!!!!!
Marina, 15, OH, USA
Ok so i'm a total fangirl for Justin. I just came home from school on the bus and me and my friends (6 of us) were going to Rossters right after school. We get out at 2:30 and Roosters had a little sale that ended at 4. We were planning on going to Roosters at 3. Anyway I was gettiing dressed and I was playing Justin's Believe CD SOOOO LOUD! I went down the hall and took a shower, then went to my room and got dressed in my underwear and bra. I forgot my sister was coming home to visit from college, and APPERNTLY my 2 of my friends were waiting for me outside of my house. My sister has a key, so she let them in. I couldnt hear anything. Out of Town Girl was playing and I was dancing and singing to it like an idiot lol. I heard my dog barking and he ran upstairs and into my room where I was. I kept telling him to shut up cause my song was playing and then he took my pants in his mouth and ran downstairs, I ran downstairs (STILL IN MY UNDERWEAR AND BRA) and was saying "RICO IF YOU DONT GIVE ME MY PANTS I WILL FEED YOU TO MY FUTURE HUSBAND JAYLON". I walk into the living room then find my friend Jerika and of course Jaylon in there sitting on my couch. Jerika started laughing and Jaylon was justing there with a face like "really? omg" and my sister walked in and was like OMG RINA PUT ON SOME CLOTHES! I ran up stairs then slammed the door shut and laid on my bed. I really didnt want to go back downstairs. But I had to. I was yelling at JErika asking how they got in here and that I told them to call me when they got here. She told me she called me three times, and texted like 5 times. Thanks Justin for letting me put myself in that situation. I still love you tho, lmbo.
Lizz 13
When i was in 2nd grade, I needed to use the restroom really badly but i couldnt go to the bathroom because we just went to class and it was only 8:35 am. So i let it out and my pants was wet so i told my teacher and ran to the restrroom and my pants was so wet and i didn't know what to do. I started cleaning my pants but it was still wet so i told my teacher and i he sent me home. Some people saw and i felt so embarrased!
Dakota Los Angeles,CA
It was picture day at my school, and i totally forgot about it. Plus I woke up late so i quickly grabbed a random shirt in my closet and I hated it but i had to get cuz it wasn't wrinkly. Anyway our picture taking time was after lunch and the weather got really hot, but i still had my jacket on cuz i hated my shirt. So when we had to take our picture i had to take off my jacket. After that i was actually okay but 2 weeks later i see my picture and its HORRIBLE! I was so sweaty that my sweat wet my underarm area and it was wet so you can see it on my shirt. And i know some people saw including my teacher. It was so embarrasing and That pic is going to be on the yearbook!!
So one time my best friend was over at my house to sleep over for a couple of nights and we were sitting outside on our picnic table, on opposite sides. We were having a good time and she was making me laugh really hard. I also really had to go pee, but I missed the chance to. :O so I had been drinking alot of water and stuff, so when she made me laugh really hard, I just had to let it go! I was really embarrassed, but I don't think she saw it. But it was all over the bench! But I ran inside an I think I pretended to have to go to the bathroom and went in and changed. Then I pretended to be really hyper and purposely splashed my water on the bench. Then I went back in and got paper towels to clean up the "water" I don't think she found out, but it was still really humiliating!! :P
A few months ago I was riding in the car with my dad and sister. We were at a drive through at a fast food place and I had to go really bad, I was about to wet myself. We were sitting in the drive through and it was going to take a while, so my dad told me to just go inside and use their bathroom (because they had tables where you could eat in too) so I did. They had a door on the outside and I asked my dad if it was the right one, and he said yeah. It was a grey metal door with one window in the top middle. I didn't think it was the right one but my dad said it was so I went in. Turns out it was the kitchen that had the drive through window!! My dad and sister saw me in the kitchen! I thought it was like the desk at the front where people order their food, and usually if its like that they have the little opening in the side of the counter so the employees could get through. I kept walking and turned to where I thought it would be but it was just a closed off kitchen. I was so embarrassed! The lady working the drive through said: what is a kid doing in here?" I ran out and went around to the building and used the front door this time. EMBARRASSING. What didn't help Is that I got in the car and they were cracking up! Ugh:(
Bree, 12, embarresssed
This happend like a half of an hour ago.So I had to clean my room and I got really bored. My room doesn't have a door either. When I was laying on my bed, I looked at my legs and noticed that they were pretty hairy. I had a pair of tweezers for some reason sitting on a table in my room. I got an idea to pluck my hair from my legs. I was so busy doing that, that my dad seen me and asked what I was doing. I was so embarressse and still am. I won't even go downstairs. I am really humiliated! Me and my dad are pretty close and I am scared of what he will think of me! :( don't ever try that. It is the most embarrising thing that has EVER happened to me. I really hope he doesn't tell my mOm because then she will ask a lot o questions. :(((((
Chloe 14
Once our year went on a camping trip out in the bush. I was sitting around the camp fire with my four friends ( two of them are guys) and I just started making out with one of my guy friends. What I didn't know is that we were on the edge of a smal drop so we were kissing and fell down the drop and the teacher came up and started screaming at us and my friends g found out that we were making out! SO EMBARISING!
Oh wow
well some people make mistakes and some people are really inoproperiet so it all depends :)
We had some friends over one night and I was walking very quietly into the kitchen (they couldn't see me), then suddenly I felt the urge to sneeze. I did, but I also let out quite a loud fart at the same time. I quickly ran back into my room and vowed to myself that I would never do that again. A few minutes later I walked quietly into the kitchen, I sneezed and then I farted again! I was so embarrassed, but luckily I don't think they knew who it was.
dead. 14. Ireland:)
So i have this massive crush on one of the older students in my school, and one day he came into my class to give an announcement. So naturally i turned around to my friend and mouthed 'OMG ITS HIM!' unfortunatly for me, my teacher noticed and started and asking my class mates if i liked him and asked me if he was not a bit too old! IM NOT EVEN JOKING, I DIED AND I WILL NEVER FORGET IT... I JUST WANT IT TO BE OVER!
once i went to the bathroom in JPENNY and i left my phone in the bathroom and when i relized it i went running back to bathroom to get the phone I had to wait in line to get it back . it was so EMBARRASSING !
Brittany, 16, Michigan
This story is not my embarrassment but what happened to a friend of mine. My friend was talking to me when we were at the mall. Aonother friend came up behind him and yanked his shorts down around his ankles. Much to our surprise and entertainment, he was wearing a pink silky string-bikini panty. we laughed so hard we could not even stand up. He turned many shades of red.
I was out with my friends at McDonald's and we saw some boys, so we went outside to speak to them. I was standing there saying nothing, next thing a big splat on my cheek! I think it was bird poo! I started squealing and ran away to the toilets! I didn't get a chance to see it as I'd wiped it off my face first thing! Everybody was talking about it except the boys who I never went out to see again, and then my 'good friend' also put a status up on Facebook when I already told her I didn't want anyone to know, then when I asked her to take it down, her bbm was broken so she sent a message to every single one of her contacts saying 'Lauren are you getting this? I need to talk to you about a bird pooing on your face today' which was the worst thing. Next week at school is going to be the worst!!! But I guess I know now who my real friends are
Rose 13 London
So I was having a good day in math joking with my friends, when one of my friends told a really funny joke! I laughed do hard that I farted kinda loud! Luckily no one had really heard it so I thought I was in the clear but no. This girl (she's a complete bully because she wants to be cool!) decided to stand up and shout 'ROSSSEEE I CANT BELIEVE YOU JUST FARTED IN CLASS!!' Everybody just stared at me as I tried to deny it. And to make it worse she started imitating the fart and everything! I almost cried :c
Chloe H :)
I hadn't been feeling very well after I drank a bright pink slushy. I went to class and my teacher asked if I was feeling ok, because I looked sick. I told him I didn't feel good. All of a sudden I threw up on him and it went all over his white shirt.
Im 13 and a few months ago i wanted a skateboard me and my mom went to the store i stood on one to test it then tryed to do a trick i fell and the board made a loud boom all the workers looked at me i quickly stood up and acted like nothing happened and rushed my mom out the store
Ok that's really funny
So every day at lunch I sit with all my guy friends, one of which is my ex boyfriend that I still kinda like, anyway, one day me and him were talking and he looked at me and asked me if I still liked him and I was eating a chicken nugget and when he asked me that I started choking on it! A couple of my friends came over and patted my back and tried to call a teacher over. I finally coughed it up and the whole table, including my ex, erupted in laughter! To make it worse, when I thought it blew over, my friend D***** told me at the end of lunch that I had a giant piece of chewed nugget still on my shirt! I wiped it off fast but ik my ex already saw. Now every time we talk he acts like he's choking!
Gangnam style
My class was doing swimming lessons and I didn't go one day cuz I was sick. I thought it would be a good Idea to go onto the oval ( which faces the highway ) and wave them off . Anyway I waited a little while then sure enough I see the bus coming so I start waving frantically and doing gangnam style dancing and what not. As the bus passes I see not my class but a bus full of boys from a nearby high school I was utterly mortified and to make matters worse the bus from my school follows and sees me standing there bright red with embarressment...
Okay so I'm 14 years old and I went on this adventure weekend with the rest of my year. I was in a room with 7 other girls and I came out of the shower in the bathroom just wearing underwear (I figured, hey! We're all girls) When I'd gone in the curtains to the main room had been drawn but when I came out I forgot that they might be open and all the boys including the boy I have a huge crush on plus a male teacher saw me in my underwear through the window. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EMBARESSED!! None of my friends could make me feel better.
not gonna tell
one time at school ii had to pee and i ask the teacher if i could go to the bathroom and she said no and i holded it intell lunch and i ask and she said no and by then i peed my pants!!!! and my crush said out LOUD she peed her pants!!!!! so embarrassing!!!!!!!!!
So today started out like a normal day, school, homework, and gymnastics. What I didn't expect was that someone gave away my number to the whole eight grade! I had over 200 calls and they have not stopped yet! I don't know what to do and I am losing my head.
I was at a wedding one day and I saw this guy that looked like my dad. We had all gotten bread and I needed butter so I ran up to the guy that looked like my dad, jumped on his bac and hugged him and yelled in his ear "DADDY DADDY CAN I HAVE SOME BUTTER?!?!" everybody at the wedding started laughing so I ran into the bathroom. I was sooo embarassed!
Mackenzie 13
So my friends locker is two over and one down from my crush. So he unlocked and opened his locker then went to his friends locker. So I walked over to my friends locker and sat on HIS LOCKER door. So he came and he was like excuses and I was like "OH" I sounded really nervase. But that's not the worst part after I was like "oh" I lost balance and fell of the locker door!!!! So I saw his friends and every one except my 4 closest friends and him laughing like crazy. He helped up I had to get crutches for the next week!!! I was sooo embarrassed
Amber 13
This happened to me when I was 11 and I was just learning how to ski. I was on the ski lift up to the bunny slope with my sister who was 8. I got off the ski lift and there was a lady standing right in my way who didn't see me. I tried to swerve out of the way, but I rammed right into her and knocked her over. Then my little sister skiied down and tripped over us. Me and my sister couldn't get up so these two guys who were watching had to help us up. I was really embarrassed.
Kenzie 13
This happened to me during the summer between fifth and sixth grade. I was at the pool with my friend, and a few boys from my grade walked by. I didn't want them to see me in my bathing suit, so I ducked under the water. Then my friend shouted " Hey are you in Kenzie's class? She's right here but she doesn't want you to see her!" I was mad and embarrassed.
Mia 13
A couple years ago when I was 11 I was at ice skating lessons. I was working on my waltz jump and feeling pretty confident about it so I built up a lot of speed, jumped into the air, and fell flat on my face. All the little kids in the lower levels who had been watching me were staring. And it really hurt!
Maddie 13
One time in health class we were learning about self confidence and that kind of stuff. We did this activity where we passed around a mirror and you had to look yourself in the eye and say I like myself and I am good at ( blank) we had to say something we were good at and it couldn't be a sport. One guy who went before me said I like myself and I am good at everything. I almost started laughing but I held it in. I figured I would just say it get it over with when it was my turn but when the mirror got to me I looked myself in the eye and I just started laughing! I couldn't stop laughing and the teacher kept making me try again and again to say it but I couldn't I was laughing so hard. My face was bright red and everyone was watching me and laughing at me but I couldn't stop. I finally stopped laughing and said it and handed it to the next girl but I was pretty embarrassed.
Mia 13
This happened in 6th grade which at my school was still elementary school. We were in PE and the teacher let us have free time. The boys were playing this jump rope game the one where you say all the letters of the alphabet and the one they land on is the first letter of the girlfriend's name or something. There was this one guy that everyone thought I liked because of a rumor someone started. He was jumping rope and he landed on my letter and this one mean girl shouted out ---- likes Mia! It was really loud and I could here it across the whole gym and so could the entire class. Everyone was laughing.
Mia 13
It was my first day of middle school. I had a hard time finding my class, so when I finally got there everyone else was already there but the teacher wasn't there yet. Everyone watched me as I walked in, and then I realized there were no seats left. A boy in the back if the room shouted " why don't you just sit on the floor!" everyone laughed and as he said that the teacher walked in and started talking about how you should respect your fellow classmates. Then later we all stood up to do something and I had one of those desks with the chair attatched to it so I fell forward over my desk.
Chrissy Age 13
One day in class we were working on something quietly, and my crush was sitting right in front of me. He was stuck on one question, so he turned around and quietly asked me the answer to the one he was stuck on. It was completely silent in the room otherwise. I got so nervous that he was talking to me, I accidentally let out a huge fart! Everyone turned and stared at me, and my crush just started laughing and turned to ask someone else. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life!!
Karin, 13, CA
A few weeks ago my cousin was over and we were playing house idk why and I had drunk a lot of water and had to pee so I crossed my legs and kept playing. I tried to hold myself and cross my legs when my cousin was looking and she went to get water and I drank a little and squirmed and was like, "I have to pee can I go to the bathroom?" but her brother was in there and she was like wait 10 minutes so I started swirling and crossing my legs More and I was now Like, " I have to pee do bad!!" and she said that we should go to the park so we sidi I had to go really bad now and she was like let's stay longer and finish our game!and I was like,"I'm gonna pee my pants!" so we finished the game she walked home I tried to rush but no use and I made it home and she was like," wait for a second" and I was like, l" IM GONNA PEE IN MY PANTS!!!" I rushed up stairs and was running around pacing back and forth cause her mom was in the bathroom and then she looked over an I was peeing my pants!!! Her mom came out and yelled at me cuz I peed on her floor but I had to Go so bad!!! It was so awkward and embarrassing my pants were soaked all around my..... Part....
Jennyluv2ski 14
This past summer my little brother hes 10 won a the states footballs pass, punt and kick contest. Which he won a 4 person week at the beach. My dad could not go due to his work.. My mom said that my bff could come a long. We were stuck in traffic and i had to pee so bad. My mom stopped at a gas station i got out of the car and peed my pants.
Miley, 14
One time I was putting on my slippers and then all the sudden my dog took it from me and she ran downstairs with it. I had no choice to chase her and try to get it but then when I finally caught her she was out of breath and outside waiting for me so she sat down all innocent like and watched me then I put my shoe on and then I felt this really goey felling were my foot went and it was poop. Then my parents came outside and said to come in because it was cold so I looked at my dog and she followed me inside. For now on, I am going to make sure I put my slippers on ALONE!
Indigo, 15, UK.
I was talking to this guy i like and we'd been social networking we'd got on to the conversation of taking each others bags for the day, i told him i'd get his of him tomorrow. So the next day comes and i sneakily go up behind 'him' and then i sling the bag of his shoulder. so then he turns round and i'm laughing holding the bag, but then i realise its not the guy i like its this guy from my tutor. So everyones just looking at me and the guy i like is laughing at me. Seriously embarrasing, i still find it awkward in school now!
giovanne 13
ooooh im a girl well one day we had a game in our strict teaches class but he's realy funny and nice not all the times so we had a gum contest it was about who made the biggest bubble i made a big bubble so i made it to the finals and while i was blowing up bubbles with 4 pieces of gum i had gum stuck in my face i was so embarrassed and this girl who i realy liked was looking at meand i think she likes me too it was so embarrassing
Vic ,IL
I went on a class trip to Washington D.C. and well lets just say if u sleep with a blankie make sure u wake up before your roommate. Pics all over facebook. My crush saw them!!!!
it was during the middle of a language arts exam and i was like really hungry and i was sitting next to my crush (stupid assigned seats) and my stomach started grumbling! i was sooo embarrased i couldn't look at him for the whole exam!
I was 13 years old and, one day i was at Chick-fil-a and I walked in and halfway tripped, I thought I was going to be okay, but then I noticed that there was another door right in fron of the door I almost triped and ALMOST went half head-first on the door, then I walked in a nobody found out what had just happened. THANK GOD!!!
Warriorcats are awesome
One time I was in the lunch room sitting next to my friend and my crush. Me and my friend Where being dumb. I was drinking a yoghurt drink, tons of it in my mouth, when my friend gave me This look. I spat the yoghurt all over the table and started laughing really hard!!! My crush moved Away since he's the silent type. Every body thought I had barfed. One guy came over and said what the heck happened, I pushed him away still laughing, and he screamed EEEEEWWWWW!!! My other friends, (their all guys) started laughing with me and I had to clean it all up and throw out My lunch kit!!! So embarrassing!!!!
North carolina, sixteen. One day, i was sitting next to my bf in class and the teacher wasnt there so he put his arm around me and we cuddled, next thing you know, my bf suddenly got up and walked out of class. Apparently, the principle was watching our PDA, and called him outside, then i was called outside too. The whole class was watching in silence. Then he lead us to his office and disappeared. We knew we were about to get expelled, but we were calming eachother down. After ten minutes, the principal came back, and looked at me like i was a b****! I had never felt so hurt or embarrassed! He started yelling and yelling, and my bf and i begged for him not to expell us. And as the principal walked out to get the expulsion papers, my mind was blank, and i farted! I wanted to crawl under a desk and die. Im not sure that anyone heard it, but the smell was stinky! Both him and the principal smelled it. The principal decided not to expell us though. Till today, we still never talk about this incident. EVER!
this one time when i was in yr 9 i was doing homework that involved glueing things in order. anyways my dad brought home mcdonalds for dinner, while i was eating my chips i decided to go on with my home work, i picked up the glue instead of the chips and ate it, dad still reminds me every time we eat mcdonalds now
well once I was sleeping in my underwear and the next morning it was my birthday I asked can I sleep till 9 o clock and they said yes but they were not telling the truth so the next morning in my underwear I was in bed but then they pulled the cover off me and my mom and dad invited all my friends they saw my cute daisy underwear most embarrassing day ever.
My school has a halloween party every year where the elementary school kids dress up and parade around the gym, everyone taking turns, so the whole school sees your costume. Well in second grade my mom made me wear this like 1700s popstar costume that felt really stiff and like a trash bag. It came with a white and pin dress, two very chunky bracelets, heeled tall boots, and a pink poofy WIG. Anyway, she made me wear the wig and all to school.My friend said she would wait for me to finish changing because she got in first, and i didn't want to walk in the hallway alone to the gym in that embarrassing coustume. But she didn't and i didn't want to come out alone so somebody had to get the teacher to come and get me. She made me wear the wig, and i was crying by then.when our class walked around the gym everybody stared at me and it was super embarrassing.
Cool : p
Last year when I was 13 I was in art class and needed glitter, glue, and water. Well let me tell you I'm so useful with glue, I usually end up getting it everywhere I don't know why but I do! Anyways I had a huge bucket of colorful glitter and when I turned around I accidentally spilled the glitter ALL OVER MY ART TEACHER! Like head to toe. Then to my worst luck the water, and glue was in my hands and that also got all over her. She literally looked like a colorful CHRISTMAS TREE!! She was really mad I felt so bad she had to go like that for the rest of the day.
Not telling
So I have this crush on this guy is new to our school who wears glasses so I never have seen behind the glasses any way so on picture day he didn't wear them so He said hi to me face to face and I was like "hi" then I RAN I was soo embarrassed I avoided him the whole day
So this year in grade 6 I have this MAJOR crush on this guy.. I am sitting on the bleachers (the top bleacher) and I fell off!!! I was so embarrassed because I saw him and his friends laughing at me!!! I was even more embarrassed when he came over to help me. :0
selly:-) :-)
So I was walking to my locker and I got pushed and I hade gum and my crush was infront of me and the gum lands on his nosee
Madeline L
So I was at the movies with my bff and a few friends. I really really really needed to fart but i was trying to hold it cause i was scared if i stood it would slip out and be really loud. The feeling was starting to go away so i thought i was safe but then a funny bit came and i laughed as i laughed it slipped out and it was so so loud and it went for like 3 mins. Everyone in the cinema looked at me except for a little boy and his father infront of me. I tried to pretend it wasn't me and said "I think the guy infront of us farted" Of course no one beleived me. Worst of all after i farted i needed to go to the washroom. I like NEVER use public toilets i hate them and im scared of them. But i had to this time so i took a deep breath and walked in suprisingly they were clean but people were in there a women and her daughter. I walked in the toilet trying to hold it till they leave. There was silence so i thought they had left. I farted and had wet p**p. It stopped for a second. And i heard a little girl say eew mummy shes doing a wet browny! and the mum replied I know but everyone does it. They were still there and they wouldn't leave i had stayed in there for like 20 mins waiting for them to leave. I looked at my watch i couldn't stay in there forever so i walked out forgetting to wipe and washed my hands the girl and women looked at me from head to toe. As i walked out i heard a giggle. I thought nothing of it. My friends asked why i took so long i just said i had to re-apply my make up. They laughed and said, Really Maddy look at ur white skinny jeans i turned around to see a brown patch. It hit me i forgot to whipe! I ran out crying. Everything has gone wrong that day. EVERYTHING! The most embarrasing day of my life
Emily <3
Today I was starring at my crush and I walked into a locker and he saw he and started laughing and then in the caf I was laughing so loud he heard me and looked at me and when he looked at me food came out of my mouth I was so embarrassed and then I was starring at him when he was getting on his bus and he saw me and told his friend and they both started laughing at me, I was so embarrassed but tomorrow I'm putting a sticky note on his locker saying "Hey I like you" lool tomorrow should be embarrassing, ps this stuff is so funny, I like die laughing when I read them!
One day I was learning religion and I got so bored that I fell asleep and The teacher yelled my name. I got so freaked out that I screamed and farted everyone laughed their socks off!
When i was in 6th grade i did the most wonderfull jump off of the p.e horse and landed it perfectly. My p.e teacher told me to do it again well everyone else watched, (mainly boys) i got up onto the horse, FELL OFF, tumbled down infront of my crush,.. When he asked me are you okay, i said NO, ITS YOUR FAULT, i was so embarresed :(
Blondie, age 14
When I was little I lived in a house that had one of those sinks that hang on the wall (like the ones in restaurants). Well I was only like 5 yrs old so the mirror in the bathroom was to high for me to see myself in. Well I decided that I would climb on the sink so I could see myself. When I did the sink fell off the wall, and the pipe broke so water started spewing everywhere! The first thing I did was ran into the kitchen and said "Daddy I didn't do it, I DIDN'T DO IT!". My dad said "ok. What is it exactly that you didn't do" so of course I practically told on myself. I said "I didn't climb on the sink and make it fall off the wall!" Later that night I confessed and everyone still picks on me about although it's been over 10 yrs
Courtney Michigan
I am 17 and one day about 3 weeks ago I was eating dinner with my guyfriend and some of his girl friends when this guy came over here with a gift for a girl sitting acrossed from me but I grabbed it, she said it was for her, I got so embarressed but she just said I could keep it and that she hoped it would choke me to death.
Ok, I was at lunch and I was sitting across from my crush. Me and my friend (who also had a crush on him) were talking to him and his two other friends. Then he told us that he would tell a HUGE secret if we told him one. Me and my friend got really exited because we thought he was going to tell us who he had a crush on or something. So we met at break and they asked us to tell them who WE had a crush on!!!! :(!!! We started going nuts and going crazy!!! It was SO embarrassing!!! Then he forced us to tell him that we had a crush on him!!! And his secret was just that he was a zombie or something :(. SO NOT WORTH IT!!!!
i was in grade 5 and running around i came in and was sitting in the class with some of my friends and had bad gas and let a hole bunch of farts out i tried to stop but kept farting at the end i let out a long fart have never been more embarassed.
Y,London 13
When I was in year 4, I wrote that i loved t-----(name of crush) on my diary. I brought it to school to show off because my class mates used to do that. His best friend saw what I wrote and told him. Luckily I was changing houses so I had to move to a new school, but that was so embarrassing!!!
Madison 13, VA
In the 6th grade I was in keyboarding class, and the girl next to me couldn't sit still. I was in the middle of my typing lesson, when she got up super fast and ran to the teacher behind us. Me and the girl on the other side of her turned around. She grabbed her butt and the back of her legs and whispered to the teacher. I couldn't hear what she said, but she sounded pretty scared, or excited, or something. I heard the teacher, she said "(name here) what has gotten into you? Your all jumpy!" The girl grabbed her legs and held them tight. Then all of a sudden, she peed her pants. Just right there. There was a huge puddle under her and she didn't even cry, the teacher just said "Go to the office and call your mom." And she walked right out. I felt so bad for her, and the only people who knew were me, the other girl next to her, the teacher, the lady in the office, the nurse, and her mom. Nobody found out. Well now you know.
In eighth grade, I went to the mall with a friend. Her mom drove us and her sisters went along. Her mom owns a mini-van, and since I'm really short, I kinda have to jump out of the car. My friend's mom parked and I, being closest to the working car, was supposed to get out first. I tripped getting out and slammed into the car parked next to us. And there were people in the car. Everyone was just cracking up.
One day I was in class and I really needed to fart and I was trying so hard to hold it in but then suddenly this huge fart just came out of me. My face went totally bright red andsaid it was my mouth. Everybody was staring at me and I was so embarrassed that I didn't come to school the next day. Ssssssoooooo embarrassing then when I came back to school two days after it happens everybody in my class was calling me the partypooper
Danielle 17 Dublin, Ohio
Last Friday I had to give a presentation. Since it is the start of school we had to bring in an object that represents us and talk about outselves for 1 1/2 - 2 mins. So I had my dad help me b/c he is an amazing writer. So the object I choose was a rubicon cube. Not because I'm a nerd just because I couldn't think I anything else. So my dad came up the expression "being square" do I used it as being conservative. But the teacher argued with me over it and said it meant nerdy but I'm not nerdy so I was embarrassed and at this point my voice was quivering and I was tearing up and when I got back to my seat I started to cry and all the girls were really nice about it but people who weren't even there during the class heard about it too and now im really embarrassed to go back to class on Tuesday
I still hate dresses (almost 13)
I was at the hospital with my mom, she needed a checkup before going to have the hardware in her hand removed. So I had to pee sooooo bad, it was brutal and I HATE using hospital bathrooms. So I couldn't hold it anymore and went, then as I left the bathroom I was walking back and realized the whole front of my dress was tucked into the front of my underwear! I yanked it down really fast and I don't think anyone saw but GOD I was embarrassed! XD
So i am a girl and i am 11 a little while aga i was at my friends birthday party. We were playing a love match game on someones ipod that tells you what you and your crushes jobs will be when your older and if he likes you or not. When it was my turn it said i eould be a drug dealer and he would be a stripper. My friends kept teasing me about it so i said really loudly im a drug dealer and m******* is a stripper. What a great couple. I did not know that my friends dad was standing right behind me when i said it i have never been able to look him in the eye since
beth 11 kentucky
well me and my mom went to books a million and my mom had bought someting then we went to hobby lobby and i guess the sales person at books a million forgot to take the alarm thingy off so when we walked into hobby lobby the alarm went off and i ran out of the door as fast as i could cause i thought we were in trouble then i turned around and 20 people were laughing
It was the begining of the summer this year (2012) I was with my friend and another friend and he made me laugh so much I wet myself and spat out my drink all over the floor but the thing is I was wearing my friends clothes and I didn't know what to do with them, so I just put them in her wash basket hoping she wouldn't notice and I don't know if she has or not and school starts soon I don't know what to do! Especially if she does know and tells people! I haven't even told me best friend! That's how embarrassed by it!!!!! Help what should I do? Should I deniy everything if people start saying stuff or what? Because I'm really worried she knows I just don't know what to do!!!! Help please
Alexsis /14
So, this amazingly hot gorgeous tan new kid came to our middle school. He looked lonely,so I went up and talked to him. We talked for like a minute then the bell rang and we had to go to class, but we both had iPhones, so he asked for my number sober could face time or video chat later. So I was really excited when we started to chat later that night. We talked for a while, then he said he had to go. And, by this time, i had formed a HUGE crush on him, and I wasn't really looking at my phone, and I thought he had already ended the chat, so I started kissing the screen pretending like I was kissing him. After a second, I heard someone say " umm what are you doing?" and I realized that my crush didn't end the chat yet after all, and he was watching me kiss the screen. I was mortified!!!! I was so embarrassed. I didn't speak to him again for like a whole month I was so humiliated. :) :p
Livi, 12, OH
okay, so, we were at my sisters soccer game and...I liked staying in the car, because watching soccer bores me out...watching my sister's okay, but she didn't go in a lot because there were TONS of anyways, I loved singing by myself so that day when I thought nobody was passing by the car, I just started belting out a song at the top of my lungs. I was so into the song, I didn't notice a man walking by! So then sometime during the song, I glanced out my window and saw the man glancing over his shoulder at me--staring at me like I was crazy! And my voice...It's not the prettiest thing to hear, and I was totally out of tune embarrassing!!! I slumped in my seat after that and just stuck to my reading. It's what I do best!
Anonymous, 15
Our sporting team was away at nationals and we were watching the video footage of our game in order to improve before the next. I was laying down looking up at the screen and I fell asleep. My friends didn't even wake me up, they thought about it, but they thought it would be funnier to tell everyone! Everyone started laughing, even the coach! And apparently I was snoring. But it wasn't over yet, when I woke up, I woke up in the grumpiest mood and spoke back rudly to what everyone said in the first 5 minutes of my awakening. I look back and laugh on this now.
one day at lunch i was sitting with my friends and my crush who is also my friend and i had to sneeze so i sneezed and a HUGE clump of snot poured out of my nose and all over his arm. my friends started laughing as he was gagging but i made a joke and said thats Snot funny
i was at the mall one day at my favorite store where you can put clothes on the manicans to see how they look. and the store has fake manicans and also newly added real people "manicans" when i started posing with the manicans i saw this pair of pants i like so i started to pants the manican when it turned around and yelled at me...turns out it was a real person manican and then eveeryone just stared at me
Kirsty, 14
There was this guy I had a crush on in my class, so one day to get his attention I "accidentally" dropped my pen on the floor right by him, hoping he would give it back to me and we could start talking. But he was clueless, and after standing like an idiot waiting for ages, I finally bent and got it myself. RRRRIIIPPP!!!! My pants split right up the back, and that got his attention! I had bright pink underwear on, and had to spend half the day with them like that. I thought I managed to hide it quite well, until near the end of the day this mean girl shouted "Look, Kirsty's pants have split!" in front of everyone, and made mean comments about how I could lose some weight!
Maggie, AL
my grade went on a hiking trip for a few days and so me and my crush were walking together along a huge mud puddle and we were having a great time until i tripped over a huge branch and landed face first into the mud. it was the most embarrasing thing ever!!!
Sally Ann, 15
When I was 13 I was in a middle school musical the Sound of Music. It was opening night. I was part of the dance ensemble and I was sooo nervous. We had a really tricky dance and while I was waiting to move to the front of the stage to do my part of the dance with 3 other people, I realized I had to use the bathroom really bad. When I moved to the front of the stage to do my dance, I tripped on my costume and fell on the drummer!!!!! (we had a live band preforming the songs). The band stopped playing and the entire drum set fell apart. I was sooo embarrassed that I peed myself! As some people rushed over to me to help me from the mess, the house lights turned on. They tried to help me up, but to make matters worse, my pee-soaked costume was hooked somewhere on the drum set!!!! After everyone gave up on tried to unhook me, they just cut me from the drum set with a pair of scissors. It was sooooo embarrassing!!!!!! We had to postpone the play for like 10 minutes to put the drum set back together. When they were ready to redo the scene, they made me go back on stage because without the correct number of people everything would be off! I WAS DYING THE ENTIRE SECOND TIME! IT WAS THE MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT OF MY LIFE. It wasn't until after the play that I realized the place where they cut me from the drum set was a big hole exposing my underwear!!!! I ASKED MY PARENTS IF WE COULD MOVE OUT OF THE COUNTRY.
So I was playing with my friend l**** and we were making funny faces at cars that drove by and one car drove by and we were in that cars yard but we didnt know so it was pulling into the driveway and we run away screaming and are parents looked at us like we were crazy
Once in school I had homemade beans for lunch. An hour later my stomach hurt really bad. 2 minutes later I started farting like crazy but it was loud, continuous and squeaky. It went on for 3 minutes I switched states
Kat 12
Last year 6th grade: So my friend and I were at our desks just chatting and I was demonstrating something with my right hand flopping around. At that exacty moment this tall guy walks by and I almost ALMOST hit him :O!!!! I was like "OMG I I sorry! I didn't uhh..." Then my friend goes " Woahh Kat____ what's going on with u today huh?" Lol I was solo embarrassed
Emily Rose
When I was in year 3 I jumped in a puddle at school and slipped over getting my shorts covered in mud. The teacers made me go and get a replacement uniform and replacement underwear which I ended up in a size4dress(ewww) and size 10 Undies when I was a size 4-6! (YES I WAS SMALL). But I didn't let this phase me so at lunch time I was doing the monkey bars and the replacement dress came up in the wind, my underwear filled with air,came off and then got caught in the biggest tree in the play yard. I was crying trying to get them down as all the boys continued to pull my dress up. I still hate dresses!
Jenn ;)
Kai this was super embarrassing for me ;P I was in gr.3 and my teacher was teaching religion but of course clueless little me had no idea. On another sheet of paper my teacher was standing next to had words scrambled so I thought we had to solve it I raised my hand and my teacher picked me "my horses name is Elbert" I said loud and proud EVERYONE started laughing so I stupidly said " oh wait thats missing a letter hmm" and took another stupid guess so my teacher said "okay I'm going to turn around twice and pretend that never happened" she did as she said and I sat there confused. Everyone still reminds me about that to this day over three years later !!!
I was at H2Oasis walking back from the biggest slide very proudly, when I noticed a breeze that shouldn't have been there. The entire butt area of my swimsuit was ripped. People were giggling and pointing. I wondered why my friend hadn't told me, who I was walking with. I suspect that one of the bolts on that slide ripped the rear. But still, even then I knew I would be laughing about it by the next day. Luckily, I was in another city so no one knew me except for my two friends, who were very helpful.
Atun/Autumn san Marcos,CA
OK WELL.....Im 13 years old and i have one step sister and a friend thats a like a sister , well so we were hanging out on the trampoline one day and decide to let the dog out. We started to jump and the dog went CRAZY, he started to try to get on the trampoline and get us. I was sooooo scared that I PEED my pants and it was dripping all over the trampoline but i wasnt alone my friend/sis also PEED her pants too.!!!!! MY step sister was looking at use like we were from another planet!! WOW WHAT A DAY THANK GOD IT WAS JUST US GIRLS!!!!! ^.^
there is some funny stories in here BUT THEY NEED TO BE FUNNYER!!!!!!!! :] <3
Robyn, UK, 12.
I always cringe when I think of this embarrassing moment. I was really young at the time (around four or five) and my Mother, Father and I were at a public pool. We were just leaving and my Dad was grabbing our swimming costumes. My Mum suggested -as a joke- that I go and smack his butt as he was bending over. So, I ran over and give it the hardest slap I could manage. I started to laugh until he turned around and I realised it wasn't my Dad! I was so embarrassed!
stazz 13
when I was in year 7 it was sooo awkward because our school uniform is really expensive but awful !!! Well, I was running with my friends to netball club because we were late and we had a really strict teacher and whilst I was running my skirt SPLIT and worse still, I didn't realise! So for the whole of that day EVERYONE could see my bright pink knickers untill my really nice RS teacher told me at the end of the day!!! AND HE WAS A MALE TEACHER!!!! I was so mortified I couldn't speak to him!!!!!CRINGE
Emzie 11 UK
I was at TESCO and my Auntie told me to take the trolley near the car but you werent meant to take it over a line then the alarm beeped I WAS SO EMBARRSED!
One of my embarrassing moments was when me and my sister were pulling weeds in our landscaping at home. U know how those creepy rolly-polly (or as some people call potato bugs like the dirt, and so I just randomly picked up this lava rock and--ewww! tons of those rolly pollies were on it. I screamed and jumped back. Anyways, these bushes were in the way of seeing anything else, so when i screamed i just believed it was just my sister and me, all alone. but noooo. our next door neighbor looked shocked, in a funny way. she smiled and was like, "was that you? i thought it was a cat!" we laughed, of course, but it was still embarrassing. lol.
One day my mom was driving me, my bro, and my BFF home. I was agitated about all the sexism in my school, and I was blabbing about how girls are actually stronger than guys in thier legs and can survive longer in starvation and it wasn't fair how the guys said girls were weak and can't play basketball and stuff. My mom said, "do you know why girls can survive longer in starvation?" we asked why. She answered, " because us girls store more body fat In our butts and boobies!" I died. My brother and BFF weren't looking too comfortable either.
Addison C
I was in sixth grade, and the class was reading silently and we sit in groups and stuff, so i had like three guys sitting with me in their desks in the group. so the guy next to me, who's like a troublemaker and stuff, leans over and whispers (about the guy across from me), "He has sexy legs." and of course he didn't because he was kind of a smaller guy, and I'm usually professional, but this one made me snort so loud breaking the silence that everybody started cracking up!! I was so embarrassed I couldn't look at anybody for the rest of the day... but it was really funny
One day, I was at the store with my sister and dad (note that I was 6) I saw a cool toy so I ran to it but my pants were really loose so I was running I jumped and my pants fell down my family was way behind me and I was just standing there in shock so I stayed there until my parents came back
Anonymous, 13
I was about to dive off the blocks at swimming and a HUGE wasp landed on my foot and I screamed soooo loudly and fell in the water. Luckily I wasn't stung but everyone laughed, including my coaches. Another one was I was singing very loudly and dancing because I thought no one was home and suddenly I heard a, "YAAAAEAAAHEAEUUUUUUHHHHHHH." AND my mom and brother sat there laughing behind me.
I was walking up the stairs and my crush was in front of me and I stacked and fell into is but! soo Bad!!
I was at an exam and i really needed to go toilet- so i went.then a few minutes later i needed to go again. I whispered ti my friend about needing to go and she was like, tell the teacher! So i stood up and wet my pants. Then, cause i had nothing else to wear i had to borrow this huuggee black top- i looked soo dumb
nisar 14
when i was in year 7 in music class i went to get my book and it was in the corner of the room. suddenly this girl screams out nisar u got a spider on ur head i thoought it was just a little one and that someone would take it off but everyone just started screaming and i was just frozen. the science head teacher came in from te noice and shouted at us untill she saw the spider. the music teacher said get it out or i will kill it then this really nice girl took it off my head with a book. turns out it was a big tarantula! i girl who ran out of the room came back and started laughung at me then everyone did. i have arachnaphobia forever now
A Kidnapper? Or just my brother?
Like six years ago I was walking home from one of my friends houses and it was around sunset time in the summer. There was this car slowing down across from me. I was starting to get scared because I thought it was some creeper and I was only about nine years old. Someone yelled something from the car I didn't recognized and so I ran all the way home freaking out. When I got home I locked the door behind me and ran to the basement. About thirty seconds later I heard pounding on the door and a faint angry scream. I started crying and then I heard the door open from uptairs and I thought some random creep was in my house. When no one came downstairs looking for me I went upstairs and saw my dad and my brother talking. It was really my brother in his friends car (which I've never seen before). My dad had been home the whole time and I didn't know it. My brother thought I had just been trying to annoy him by locking him out. No one was laughing at me or mean about it but it's still one of my most humiliating moments. BTW I love these stories.
I Love Tokyo 15
So when I was like ten years old I was at one of my friends birthday party, which was also a pool party. I had just put my swimming suit on and instead of checking my swimming suit in the mirror I was checking out my hair and I went outside and said really loudly, "Hey guys!" Everyone just stared at me. One of my friends said, "You might want to pull of your swimming suit." I looked down and part of the top half of my swimming suit was exposing half of my chest. OMG I was humiliated. At least there were no boys there...
Casey 12
So i was trying to talk to my crush because i really liked him and he kinda showed that he liked me. I was totally wrong! I asked him if he wanted to go out with me and he said no... i was soo embarrassed! :[ and the next day i was talking to him and he asked if he could see my phone and then started scrolling through my pictures and then a picture of my butt (with clothes on) came on!!!! he asked "what is this?" and then i said it was my friend not me.... omg i was never so embarrassed!
janice 14
so after school, the teachers make the bus riders go to the gym and wait for our buses...well i was sitting with my "friend" and on the other benches beside us were some really cute basketball and football players sitting there. so out of nowhere one of the guys throws a gym bag full of clothes and shoes and it goes flying across the bleachers and it hits me straight in the face.
one day me and my friend and this guy were playing truth or dare over the internet and he logged off so we kept play I asked her if she would kiss him if she had the chance and she said yes! big mastake he logged on and said "you would ;)" she was so mad at me!
Macy 13, ND
I just got new high heels I knew how to walk in them pretty good! But when my crush said "Are those tight on you?" I said "No." then he said "Well look at your feet there complete red" Then once I looked down someone pushed me and made me fall on my crush! But he just laughed and helped me get back up! He now likes me! Were going out! BUT THAT MOMENT WAS EMBARRASSING !
casi/canada grade/ 7th
any way i have this crush for like 3 years and stuff so one random day at toutering (where i see him all the time) i was sitting infront of him while he was bugging his little sis takeing her head band and i walked past him accidenty kicking the plastic headband with me foot across the room she started to cry and the teacher said what happend and she said i broke her head band with my big foot OH EMBARRASSING
me 13
I got these spandex short shorts and I was so exited to wear them for gym but I forgot that I didn't wear a thong that day and the shorts gave me maga underwear lines! So I pulled up my underwear (ya kinda like a wedgie) and walked out I walked through the gym and right by the entire boys gym class they all started laughing and yelling my name! I looked behind me and noticed that my underwear wasn't the only thing pulled up my shorts went with them!!!! I was soooo embarrassed
Keira 11, NY
I had to present a Social Studies project in the library with the rest of my classmates and on it was something to click so you would hear my voice telling about the topic I researched. Well, OF COURSE this happens to me. When I pushed the button to play the voice the volume was so high you could here it on the other side of the library, And our library was HUGE. I was never so embarassed in my life! D:
Anonymous 13
Ok so this year my class went on an end of year field trip and one of the activities was swimming.Everyone was really excited and we were all wearing our cutest bathing suits. Anyways, my bikini top wasn't clipped properly and I jumped in the water with my friends. (most of the guys were already in the pool) But when I came up I realized that my bikini top had slipped off, revealing my bare chest to EVERYONE! All the guys were staring at me and to make it worse my friends were laughing! Then one of the most popular guys yelled "hey nice boobs!" I was soooo embarrassed!!!
Riley 14 Colorado
My guy I had just met at school took me on a picnic one day during the summer. It was at the park btw. I had just gotten back from the public bathrooms they have there. Him and I were sitting on a blanket and he started to lean in... Thinking he was going to kiss me, I puckered up and started to lean in too. When he reached my face he whispered, "your underwear is sticking out of your pants" SO EMBARESSING!!!!! I could've died!
Rachel 13 Nevada
I was in fifth grade saying goodbye to everyone including my crush. Thinking he was going to a different middle school, I expressed my feelings deeply to him about how much I liked him. And I mean, after all! Like your ever gonna see this guy again, so yeah, apparently he was going to the same middle school as me! On the first day of sixth grade/ middle school... Of course! We just had to bump into each other in the hall way, and he looked at me and said "hey Rachel! Still have a thing for me???" and then he puckered his lips and turned around leaving me humiliated. Gosh! I could of died!
when i was working at the gas station one night,this car pulled onto the i walked out there,and i said my i help you maam. it was a man and he turned around and gave me a dirty look.
I was at the beach with my friend and I had no towel at all, a huge wave knocked the bottoms off me and then my whole butt was exposed to everyone there! I ran across the beach with my butt showing looking for a towel that no one had! I was soo mortified, and my friend told every one at school!
My friend was taking a shower at camp, and she couldn't find her clothes so she wrapped herself in a towel, the bully was soo mean and pulled the fire alarm. My friend ran out but her towel got caught on the stall door, she just ran out naked thinking it was a real fire. The whole camp was laughing and pointing. She gets embarrassed a lot. Another was when she, was at school and she was on the stage in front of the whole schol and this kid who hates her pulled her pants down! She was wearing my little pony underwear! She cried and wasn't in school for three days
Bertha, 13 1/3, The Lone Star State
ok so this one time, in like grade 7 me and my bestfriends since like kindergarten decided to go rock and roll bowling. so when we got there these two really HAWT guys were there and they kept looking at us so obvs we thought they were interested in talking to us. jsut a side note.. i get REALLLYY nervous when i have to talk to boys. so i got my best friend to go talk to them for me. so she goes over to talk to them and i get sooo nervous that i pee my pants right in front of EVERYONE ! oh.. did i mention that i was wearing WHTIE JEANS OMG ! sooooo embaressing ! -.-
peed my pants twice in 1 day once at school and once on the way home
Kim 16 Orlando Florida
I got on a pair of two year old light blue skin tight bubblegum bamuda jeans that i love and a pair of pink wooden candies ankle straps wedge sandals with my mirrored sunglasses on me.i walked into the art class and my girlfriends are their so i flopped on my seat around 45 minutes later the end of class i went to stand up and i was totally stuck to my seat and my girlfriends were laughing when i was struggling to stand up so i said yelling HAHAHAHAHAHA FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY YOU GUY ARE FUNNY YOU TOTALLY GOT ME IM SO STUCK OOOMMMGGG I REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW I MEAN REALLY ILL STUCK.i found out that i sat down in crazy glue my girlfriends totally stuck me i was totally stuck i could not stand up at all glue is really strong my jeans are stretched to the maxium that spandex will go at least with bubblegum i could still stand clueless when bubblegum is around me i either i get one of my sandals stuck in it or ill find a way to sat my bum down on it.i got a lot bubblegum stuck to me stories because of jealous girlfriend im not sure witch girlfriend they all act a little funny ill tell you another time.
ok my most embarrassing moment was when I was at the shops with my mom and i didnt realise my crush was there so i hugged my mum like a baby and my crush told me he saw me the next day soooo embarrassing.
When I as at school today we were writing notes to each other and my friend was going to get everyone to sign this mean note and we got in trouble because my teacher found the note in the garbage that all the boys started laughing when we came in.
Rain, 13 VA
So me and my friend were at the water park, and we were getting on a water ride. The rafts were wet from the last rides and the lady working there made us sit with these guys about 16 and 18 years old. All the guys kept trying to talk to us and they were really obnoxious. For a second we thought they were drunk. Anyway, we got soaked halfway through, and the seats were rubber and plastic, and easy to slip, and they had no sides to support you. Our raft hit the wall and I slipped and to catch myself, my hand shot out and landed on one of the guys *cough* "area". Of course, there were swim trunks over it, but the guys let out a strangled noise, and he looks really hurt. I was so embarrassed and the guys friends were laughing so hard.
Anonymous A
I was in y3 at the time sitting next to a boy who i had a crush on. He asked me did i have a crush on him and i said yes........ i'm not finished yet the worst bit is coming. When our class was walking to the chapel for our communion practice my mum who had offered to help walked along side my crush and then he randomly told her i had a crush on him and then he fainted right there and my mum caught him. She still skits me about it now.
Jamie :)
Ok so my best guy friend and i were making out for fun, and we were at his house on the back porch and we didnt know that his 12 year old brother brought his whole baseball team home and was watching us through the screen door!!! I can never look at his brother again!
GB 11
My most embarrassing moment is when my bff and I accidentally sent my crushes name to my mom on skype to cover to up we used a food name brand of bread that was his name. When my mom say it she was like what the. I was so embarrassed. I will never ever do that again.
ok so im 14 and my mom picked me up from school earlier today. i was wearing flip flops and they hurt so i put my feet up on the seat. there was a huge red mark from them and my stupid mom yells really loud "it looks infected!" and since the window was open and the car was nxt to the school... my crush that i like for like 3 years walkes by and heard just that ya pretty embarrasing -.-
when i was going to public school,(i am now homeschooled), I had a huge crush on the new kid, Mario, and he was mexican. On his first day of school, I told my best friend that i liked him and she said she did too. I promised not to tell anyone she liked him but she didnt. Then, she wrote a note to him asking him if he would go out with me and the teacher found it later on. She put me in i.s.s and the whole class found out i liked him. I stopped liking him ever since!!!! It was sooooo embarrassing !!!!!
K, Cali
this happened in the third grade. so many stories i cant think of them all, cos i was such a weird little kid. the teacher told us to work quietly and people were sorta talking,, ,ad i dont KNOW why because im a terrible singer i started singing a song from the movie rugrats gone wild, this one spike sings. anyway turns out no one was talking and the WHOLE class was silent staring at mee and cracking up including my crush at the time ! UGH it was MORtifying to say the absolute least..
well my school went on a field trip to the beach and I had just bought the cutest two piece but it was still a little too big.I heard my crush was going so I brought it anyways and while we were in the water a big wave came and knocked my bottom off to make it worse my butt is flat and we had been in the water awhile so my butt was wrinkly too so I was stuck wearing my teachers shirt the whole two hour bus ride back and it was white so when I stood you could see my butt through it
I was going to the store when my cush .walk in .we both was standing there I LOOK OVER TO LOOK AT HIM WHEN I DROP THE MILK ON HIS FOOT I WAS SO EMBRARRASS I RAN HOME:(
Sarah, 11, MI
A few weeks ago I got these really awesome rhinestone sandals that had two or three inch heels. I was modeling them to my BFF, and fell flat on my face and got a bloody nose.
Anonymous IL
I was walking to my bus and 2 guys from my hall slipped on water and bumped into me and I fell on my assistant prinicpal it was so embrarassing
Cam 12
First of all, I love these stories. And here's one of mine: When I was in 4th grade I was playing with stuff in my desk and the meanest boy in the class was sitting next to me and he started laughing at me. My teacher asked what the matter was, and he told her. The whole class stared at me. I had never gotten in trouble that school year until then. :( It was SO embarrassing.
Zoe 14, CA
We were working on this unit in my English class and at the end of it we had to independently present a project we had been working on. I don't usually get nervous when presenting in front of other people, but recently I've realized my voice either cracks or wavers when I talk to a large group of people. I didn't feel nervous in the pit of my stomach but I easily blush, so when I heard how I sounded I only became self-conscious, so not only did I sound like I was crying, but my face was a bright red. Talk about embarrassing. D:
Kaykay, 13, Sturgis Mi
One day, in 2nd grade, I wasn't listening very well and My teacher called the spanish kids in my class to go to ESL.(English is a Second Language). I THOUGHT she said," Line up for a break!" So I just lined up. Then I was face-to-face with a really nice girl going to ESL that was from my class. She then said,"You go to ESL?" Then I realized that I wasn't listening. I got into my locker and got a pencil and as soon as I got into the Classroom I said, "I-I- Needed to get a pe-pencil." I was SOOO embarrassed I could barely talk... :( WHO ELSE HATES EMBARRASSING MOMENTS?!
bobolina 10 Manhattan NY
Today I went to the airport and I saw a dog and I asked the owner if I could pet it. But when I went up to the dog instead of licking me or allowing me to him, it peed on me!! the airport staff laughed at me and so did my family!
Kick Ball Horror- 13
Well, I hate gym but I have to just deal with it. We were playing kickball and the person behind me caught the ball and tried throwing it back to first base, but missed. It pelted my butt so hard, then repelled back. It hurt but I knew if I got mad, I'd never let it go so I turned around and everyone was laughing, one boy was rolling on the floor. I just laughed. My best advice is to just laugh, in 3 weeks no one will remember and why live your life remembering bad memories?
Leyla 12
So my friend, wanted to play a harmful prank and left a voicemail on my phone. Anyways the voicemail sounded just like my crush and it said "hey Leyla I wanted to say I heard you like me and I just wanted to say I like you to" So I texted my crush and said "r u serious about the voicemail?" and he goes "what voicemail" then I say"do u like me?" then he doesn't text back!!! So then I get to school next day and he goes"what voicemail?!?" and I say do you like me!!! Then my friend tells me in front of him! And my face got all red! And I have never talked to my "friend" since because everyone makes fun of me now.
Ebony 11
It was lunch time so I ran to lunch. I felt sooo hungry. I didn't even eat anything that day. I put a lot of food on my tray and when I turned around somebody bumpped into me and my lunch fell all on me, and the worst thing, it was my crush I ran into. I felt so embarrassed! He helped me clean up. It was embarrassing. Every time I go to school now I get laughed at. Even my crush avoided me!
Lainey! CA 12
yesterday my crush asked me out and i said yes. ten after school we were walking together and there are two gates and one was locked and i ran into it! we both laughed like it was no big deal but i was mortified~ ill never forget it!
No Name!
Theres this bully in my school that pretty much HATES everyone!! Were in the SAME class. One day I had to use the restroom and she followed me!! She locked me in!! Man was I scared! I was screaming and yelling so that someone could hear me!!! Then....the PRINCIPAL came and got me out....Just in time for lunch (THANK YOU). The girl got expelled! And now, everytime my pricipal sees me she says "No bathroom trouble, right?"
kali 12 NC USA
So I was in the grocery store and there was this reeaalllyy cute guy there so I leaned on one of the freezer things and my mom didt see me and opened it and I fell and the guy was laughing so hard XD SOO FUNNY
Grace 12
I just joined the cross country team! It was a really hot and windy day and my family all had the flu I was funning and pooped my pants!:/ I had to tell my coach and he brought me to the school to change and have my mom pick me up.... One of the worst days of my life..!
One time my crush was singing a random song in Humanities Class and he was singing it in front of my face {Well, not actually in FONT of my face but he was looking at me when he did that. He used to sit in font of me by the way.} Then I just stared at him and TRYED to ignore him but I couldn't handle it! I started to laugh. It was funny how he was singing.. xD But I was the only one who he was doing that to so it was pretty much embarrassing.. I hate embarrassing moments.. -_- Especially if you crush is there! D:
Dolly :) <3
Theres this guy i have a huuuuge crush on and in my notebook i take everywhere i wrote i luv ******** almost everywhere and i also wrote Mrs.***** and his bestfriend stole my notebook!!!!In 8th period he showed my crush and he saw where i wrote Mrs.***** and now a bunch of people keep calling me mrs.***** and its humiliating and now i have no idea what to do!!!!
In my school we have one really bad stall with a horrid lock. I was quickly doing my business standing up, cause the seat was DISGUSTING, so I did that and someone walked in on me. I was wearing a big black hoodie, and jeans, so I looked like a boy from the back. The girl who walked in, didn't go out, instead, she said" GET OUT!!" I turned around and she was dumbfounded. It was so embarrassing!!
Taylor Lautner lover
My embarrasing moment was when i peeed on myself in school. I had to go but the teacher said it was too late. Another embarrasing moment was when i was in the bathroom and i was pulling up my pants when a girl walked in and saw me.
Britni, 10
I was walking to class and staring at my crush at the same time and I ran into a wall and fell he came to help me up and then he asked if i was okay. Then our class went to the science museum and I was in his group and we went into the mirror maze and I ran into a mirror and I fell and he was the one who came and helped me up and out of the mirror maze. It was so embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well my crush has the locker next to me and one time I slammed my locker, but I forgot that the lock was sticking out of the locker (we have these things that hold ur lock while ur in your locker) and when I slammed it, it rebounded and hit me in the face!! It didnt hurt tht bad but he laughed!!
kayla, 11, ky
ok so this happened to my friend but i know it was mortifying 4 her too! we were at my annual halloween pumpkin carving party.we had our faces painted like jack-o-lanterns,and were dancing to bottoms up and party rock anthem. so were having a good time recording the party on my video camera when all of the sudden,she turned around with her back to the camera and does a floor touch. it was a really cool move so we put it online and when we were watching iy we noticed that she ripped her pants right down the middle!!! it was funny but i felt so bad!
Maya, 14, Ottawa, Ont.
It was my time of the month and I had no idea so i wore my white skinny jeans. BAD IDEA! I had just came in from break and a guy in my homeroom and his other friend came up to me and were like "I think you sat in paint or juice or something cuz u've got red all over the back of your pants!" I was mortified. My Friend rushed me to the bathroom and helped me wipe it off. The worst part about it was that the stain never came out of my pants!
Penny, 13 OH
This summer before school started my mom invited some of my friends over to go camping in our backyard (we live right by the road.) Well, we didn't go to sleep at all, and the tent got hot, so we went out and started doing stuff outside. Then we played truth or dare. T**** dared B***** to go to the road and moon the next car that came. A truck that looked rather familiar went by. But instead of mooning him we all just went up to the road and did the honk signal. Whoever it was honked really load. The next day my mom asked us if we heard the car honk last night. "Yah, it was load" we all said. "well, I think they did it on purpose to disturb the campers!" my mom said, we all looked at each other and laughed. my mom made me go milk the cows at my grandpa's farm that same day, and when I went there the truck was there! The person that honked at us was the milker, and he told my dad the whole story. I felt so embarrassed!
Ellen 13 WV
We have this study hall thing in 7th period and a lot of my friends are in it so one day I decided to sit next to my friends G**** , K******, and H*****. That day we were doing a respect activity. Mrs.T******* a strict teacher started writing on the board. G***** then started making sniffing noises. "What are you doing" I whispered. "I smell something" he responded shoving his pencil case in his nose. "Ahh ha!" he pulled out a full pack of gum. My friend K******* then saw it and asked for gum. He gave it to her and then some of my other friends asked for gum and they were like all the way on the other side of the room. So he started flicking gum to K*****, B*****, H******, M*****, J******, M****, and a bunch of our other friends. Finally Mrs.T**** turned around when the gum fling was over. "Respect is when a teacher is writing on the board and it doesn't mean she can't see everything that is going on behind her" Oh boy! I couldn't help, but laugh either could my friends. It was so hard to hold it in. "It doesn't mean students can be flicking spit balls across the room or anything like that!!!!" Her voice felt like it was forcing us to laugh and blurt out our secret. Then my friend H****** burst out in a laughing tantrum and she snorted. Anyone who was involved burst out in a laughing spell and everyone who wasn't stared at us like we were weird. After about an hour of laughing Mrs. T****** was like "Some times I wonder what kids do behind my back. It was so embarrassing at the time for all of us, but now it seems hilarious.
Twin Tower 1 (I have this nickname because I;m a twin and we both are tall) 13 WV
This didn't happen to me but to my friend G****. It was at band and Mr.S****** was mad at us for not doing a beat right so he told us to do it with our mouths. "duh, duh-duh, duh" we said real quietly. "No, no loud, deep, almost Russian like. Super..." He got cut off by my friend G****. "DUH, DUH-DUH, DUH!!!!!!!!!!!" he practically screamed it. His face was all red and he fell on the floor with embarrassment. "Exactly! Thank you G****!" Mr.S****** said like it was no problem at all.
George (Nickname I'm a girl) IN 13
In 5th grade my family had a garage sale at my house. We were never really busy until that particular time of embarrassment. A ton of people pulled into our drive and started looking at our junk. Suddenly a horn blared. I turned around... it was my Aunt H*** UGH!!! Embarrassment. She shoved her head out the window and screamed, "Hey, Girlie Girls!!!" Everyone left without buying a single object. After all that my Aunt H*** didn't even get out of her car to look at the things we were selling. What a sad day. :*(
Thing 1 Oh 13
In about 3rd or 4th grade my mom made my twin sister and I invite all the girls in our class. (Our school is small so it was about only 8-10 girls) We even had to invite this snob. When we got home I didn't see anyone at first. Then from our coat room I heard someone scream, "How's my girls, so grown up, Aunt Rosie goin to cry! You know Aunt Rosie loves you this much and much much more!!!!" Oh no it was my aunt! Not just any aunt the one who's embarrassed me so many times! (Once she told my principal that she thought my principal needed weight loss surgery. The aunt of Embarrassment has struck again!
Thing 2, OH, 13
My friend Brady can get very strange sometimes. In science class we sit next to each other (we have assigned seats) and for like 3 weeks he did this really strange, annoying thing. every time I said something he'd answer Yah Mamas that, yah momma's this. For example I'd be like, "that's nasty" and Brady would be like "Your momma's nasty!" of course it was a joke, he's never even met my momma! we had to do this science experiment together were we had to use chemicals to test food. there was one that looked really really nasty and Brady was like "eeeeeeewwwwwwwwww!" this was my chance. "YOUR MOMMA"S EW!" I think I said it at the wrong time though because my favorite teacher Mrs.A walked by at that exact moment and started yelling at Brady and me and said that if we ever said that again we would get a detention! I guess sometimes an inside joke can go bad! It was embarrassing because I've never got a detention before and some of the boys (jocks) were there and were like "ooooooohhhh! you in trouble!"
sadie Oh, 13
One day my friend T---- forgot she was supposed to stay at home and ur not allowed to go to a friends house unless u have a note. Well she's pretty much r neighbor so we ride the same bus. Luckily it was a sub driver who had no clue were people live. So we tricked him into letting T---- go to our house. As the bus rolled away u could hear the kids screaming she didn't belong here. he didn't care.
Hailey Oh, 13
One day a bunch of my friends came over. We have Amish neighbors so my friends wanted to see the horses. We were standing in the middle of the road and my one friend was like, "What if a car came". Unfortunately a car did come and it was a creep from my class. He stuck his face out the window and gave us a rock out sign and stuck out his tongue
Sadie OH 13
So, my school is pretty weird, everyone does this thing where you are your friends mother or something. I'm my friend D----'s mom. Well this dude Drew threw a volleyball really hard at her and we think he broke her finger. When we were going to lunch we went past an 8th grade teachers room and I screamed "Do you want your mommy to kiss your boo-boo!" and this teacher ran out and told us to be quite. now I think all those 8th graders think I'm a baby! :(
Sadie OH 13
My school district does something called 6th grade camp were you can meet future classmates of yours. Well, we were supposed to take showers EVERY night. My consular, C-------, said that I was allowed to go next, I gathered all my stuff (including underwear) and went to the shower. Unfortunately the showers were still all taken, so I had to go back to my room and wait. Suddenly a lot of girls started screaming from the hall. Finally my new friend J----- came in and explained to me what happened. THERE WAS UNDERWEAR IN THE HALL! I went out to see the underwear and it was white, like mine. Then I realized that I didn't have my underwear, it was mine. I waited until the hall was clear and picked it up. But now that I think of it I think that my new friend D---- saw me pick it up. :(
Hailey Oh, 13
It was at my basketball practice when it happened! We were doing this passing warm-up and my friend C------ passed a really hard pass to me. BANG! BAM Ouch! a loud noise echoed through the gym as the ball smacked me right in the gut! It was more embarrassing than it hurt!
Hailey Oh, 13
I truly love my friends! However there is nothing as embarrassing as telling them in public you love them. I was walking home from school with my friends D----, A----, S----, and G---- (who I kinda like) when S---- gave me a hug. Since I have 2 sisters I said I love you in front of my other friends! :( and G----!!!
I was having all my friends sign this binder I have including my friend G----. Yeah I kind of like him. Well he wrote his name and a heart and my friend K------ was like, Ohhhh and Ahhhh. G---- and I both blushed
Kaylyn 15 usa
ok so in 6th grade i had this huge crush on this guy. i thought he was new but it turns out we were in the same school since 1st grade! and to make things worse he found out because one of my so called friends told him. and he was going to pay a 5th grader to tell me that he hated me! :( Then, in 7th grade i had always dozed off and stared right across the room and of course my old crush sat across so he would always ask why i was staring at him and i always said i wasnt. then he got really ticked off one day so i wrote him a letter (dumb idea i know now) saying that i was not looking at him i mean why would i? i had a boyfriend and i also told him that i dont like like him but just like him as a person. so of course he showed the whole entire boys class and i was mocked for it. a couple days later he asked my best friend for my number but she refused to give it to him adn when i asked him why he wanted it he said he never asked for my number. screw him!! :/
Ok this happened to me three years ago. I was in gymnastics when I was in the 6th grade and we had to take showers afterwards. I had taken my shower and was getting dressed while next to my locker. My locker was right next to the fire exit. I had a towel wrapped around me as I was pulling my clothes out of my locker and putting them on the bench. The next thing I know, I was being pushed out the exit and hearing the sound of the fire alarm. Jamie, this mean girl pulls my towel off and pulls the door shut. I’m standing out side totally naked on a sidewalk with nothing but a glass door next to me and the fire alarm going off. With nowhere to hide I start banging on the locker room exit, but in seconds students come pouring out of the glass doors. I’m screaming and begging them to let me back in while everybody is laughing at me. After a few seconds, one of my friends opens the door and let me back in. That was the worse day of my life. A whole bunch of boys saw me completely naked. I was so embarrassed and humiliated.
Aj (girl) 13
One time I was at a friends house (boy) and I had to go to the bathrooom really bad so I went to the bathroom and as soon as I walked in my guy friend was sitting there NAKED in the bath tub!!!!!!!!!! I walked out immediatly! Thanks for reading! <3
Heather from Florida, USA
This happened to me last year when I was in the 11 grade. Our high school went on a band trip to Nashville, Tennessee for marching competition and Opryland USA too. We stayed at a hotel, but I don’t remember the name of it. The girls had rooms booked on one side of the hallway and the guy’s rooms were on the other side. A lot of us girls were across the hall in these guys room playing video games, monopoly and eating chips. I didn’t know this, but a little freshman boy was taking a shower. I don’t know if he forgot to lock the door or if they pick the lock. I was playing monopoly with four other girls, when the next thing I know I hear a lot of yelling and banging. The boys had snuck into the restroom while this poor little freshman boy was showering and was pulling him out into the room, naked. He was struggling and begging them not to pull him out and most of my friends were bent over in laughter. He was a little guy, so he didn’t’ stand a chance. They pulled him out and one of the boys locked the restroom door and shut it. He didn’t know where to go or what to do. Everybody was laughing at him, including all of my friends. I started laughing but then I covered my eyes and turned away. I couldn’t believe what they had just done to him. I heard him start crying and I opened my eyes. One of the boys was holding this boys arms back behind him so he couldn't hide himself. Me and a friend pulled the cover off the bed and wrapped it around him. We made the boys get back from him. I was so embarrassed. I’m sure if I was so very embarrassed, I could only imagine how embarrassed that he must have been. Some of the girls riffled through his suitcase and got him some clothes. We held up the cover so he could get dressed in private. We had to keep threatening the boys that we were going to tell if they didn’t get back and leave him alone. We did tell anyway and they got into a lot of trouble. Sometimes I think boys can be so mean to each other. I was so embarrassed because I found myself laughing at this poor boy. I should have turned away immediately and respected his privacy by not looking at all.
Amanda - Kentucky
Last year when I was in the 7th grade, I was at our basketball tryouts. There were a lot of other kids at the school trying out for boys and girls basketball. After I got done, I went to take a shower and get changed. while I was in the shower some of my friends thought that it would be funny to take my towel and my clothes. When I was done and couldn’t find my stuff, I ran to the towel locker to get another towel. But they had closed and put the padlock on it. I was dripping wet and nervous about being naked and not knowing what was going to happen. Then my friends start walking in and saying, come on in here, you guys can use the shower to clean up. I swung my arms around myself and screamed, don’t come in, please! There were no boys, my friends were just pulling a bad prank. They gave me my clothes and stuff. I was really embarrassed.
One time at my school we had this awards program for all the students to get awards for their grades. It had already been a bad morning for me already, because the school was all decorated and we got these name tag things to put on our lockers and they spelled my name wrong! ( i get upset over little things. ) I had to change it with a sharpie, so it stands out. But, we were at the awards ceremony having a lot of fun, when suddenly we had to all line up. I lined up and waited for my name to be called, When my name was FINALLY called, everyone was really quiet, and i just screamed! I laughed about it,but i think about it all the time, i thought people thought i was crazy, but they said i was not. Oh the glory...
Okay, this didn't happen to me but it was pretty funny. We were at my friends sleepover in a rented house and because my friend is uber weird she stuck her head down the toilet. You may think this is bad but it gets worse. The door automatically locked once you shut it so my friend was locked in with her head in the toilet. Next thing we hear: Errrrrrr guys, my heads stuck. So because that is normal we just laughed. But after ten minutes we got worried. So we said, can you reach the door? Then we hear a massive bang and then, noooooo. So her mum had to come and help. She was completely unphazed by the entire event.
TaylorJean :P
my embarrassing moment was when i dived into a pool and my bikini bottoms fell off. so embarrassing! the boys kept on telling me how cute my butt looked in that dive. ahhh!
Amy, 14, Oklahoma
Last year me and my friend Jillian went to see a basket ball game at our school. We were asked to get the ice bucket and get ice for the concession stand, because we always did that. The ice machine was in the girl's locker room but we didn't know that the away team was allowed to use it to clean up and take showers, because they lived so far away. There are two ways to get into the locker room, the main door that came right into the locker room and shower area, and the door by the concession stand. So we go through the door closest to where we were. There is also a door that opens to the shower's that's right by the ice machine. When we were filling the bucket with ice we could hear the showers going. We were like, who would be in the showers? So Jillian opens the door and we saw this boy in the shower facing us. He was standing there under the shower with his eyes closed just letting the water run over him, we saw everything. He opened his eyes and covered his self and yelled at us to get out. We ran out as fast as we could and told them they will have to get their own ice. We were both so embarrassed.
Jojo 13, texas
When I was about 8 or something my family and I went to the mall and I was looking at a toy and my mom told me it was time to go . I accidently took a mans hand mistaking it for my moms. The man started laughing and I got freaked out I pretended I knew him. So hilarious!!
Love these
Addison K. 15, Paris
I was at my house and I live next to this really cute guy in my class named *** and so he was throwing a birthday party with him and his guy friends but I didnt know . So I was singing to SMILE by Avril Lavigne and my window was open and they were at the side of his house and they were listining to me!!!!! So they went to my window and said hey, you got a good voive and I said thanks but I didnt look like i had pants on and he was like umm. do you have pants on and it was so funny because my bff was right with me and never lets me see the end of it!!!!!!!
JessicaVictoria L.
Ok so when I was like 6 I went to dance class and i kicked my foot out and my tapshoe hit the teacher and broke his glasses!! It was horrible!!! To make it worse this girl *** said nice job Jessica. Somshe went and told her mom that I ruined dance class!
Kendra 14, Austraila
OMG!!!!!!! I was surfing and it totaly rock. I was about to go in when i saw the perfect wave and i went for it. Then I saw my crush and i was like OooMmmGgg!!!!! So i got on my board, you no i was trying to show off. But then i wiped out. And my bottoms CAME OFF!!!!!!!! I was so embarrassed because he saw me AND he was with his friends they were laughing so hard. But thank god for my board and my friends!!!!!! :) bye!!!!!!!
Bailey (Walked in)
I had one of my friends over and my little brother and her little brother are friends and so when we came in from swimming and went in my room and we had our bottoms onn but no bras or anything and we were in the middle of the room and I was facing the door because I thought they would knock but he walked in to give my friend her bag and saw me and me and my friend screamed and took whatever clothes were closest to us and ran to the closet and the little boy turned arouned.!!!!
Bailey, Illinois
Ok, so I go to camp like every year and this summer we had nine girls and two boys. So when the counslers the girls counsler went to go take a shower. So the boys counsler whent to go to the bathroom. The girls where only in the room and we were being idiots and no boys were in the room. We started chasing each other and one of the girls started chasing me, and the two boys walked in the room but we didn't know. So *** the girl chasing me pulled down my pants and one of the boys was gonna be a 9th grader and he saw me. What made it worse was another girl ran into me so I fell and knocked into the other guy that was going into my grade. It took me like 15 seconds to get up and put my pants back on!!!!
I am 13 and live in Texas. I was taking a shower after gym class one day. After I stepped out of the shower some other girls took and pushed me out of the emergency exit door that was at the back of the locker room. I was outside completely naked and the 8th grade boy's basketball team saw me. I beat on the door begging for them to let me in and they did after about a minute. I was so embarrassed.
just to tell you now if you rode a ride before............................................... i nwas at a fair and we went on the pirete boat and we flip then all the sudden i threw up on a cute boy
The most embarrassing thing that happend to me was when i was with my guy best friend and just because hes a guy my friends think were in love, one day we were playing around acting goofy and then we just started kissing dont know why and as we were kissing our braces got stuck together we tried to break free but we couldent just then my other friends came in and started laughing and making kissing faces and till this day they wont stop talking about it and im to embarrassed to talk about it
Tiara, 13
When I was in 6th grade. I used to have music class and I had a cell phone (at that time I used to love Miley Cyrus) I had a Party in the USA ringtone and right in the middle in class my phone wnlebt off!!! It was so embarrassing!!! =^.^=
k, So I was going to have a birthday party & was handing out invatations to everyone. Then me and my friend get into this huge fight and I decide to uninvite him. Then, we made up. So I got bored in cooking class and wrote " I like him now, invite him to my party." To remind me to give him an invitation. Right after that, was lunch. My friends saw what I wrote & thought it was about this hot guy that didn't even know me. So ofcourse, they told him at his table with all of his friends. I like, died. Every day, at luch they would see me come and be like "EMILAUJUHH." "OH AMELIA!" Then it got so bad they would not leave me alone on facebook either, so I blocked them. Then EVERYONE at lunch knew about it, and I'm famous for what happened at lunch. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa. Then I wrote a sophisticated letter lolololololololol. He showed his mom.
Oreo123 AGE 13
In gym class we had to do push-ups, so as I was doing my push-ups in a BIG circle. The circle was my class. When I was got to 20 I farted really loud, ohh yeah my crush is in my class! Worse than that it was in the gym, so it sounded even louder than it really was. I wish I could rewind to that day and miss school!!!
miriam 12
during gym class we were playing soccer when this girl tripped and fell on me my crush was there and for some reason i was yelling like a seagul everyone was laughing and it was so embarissing!!!!!!! by the way these are so funny
Rachel 14
i was called down to see the vice principal cause i skipped french class again! so like my eyes always water up even like the littlest things make me cry! so when he asked me why i skipped, i started to cry! it wasss sooooo embarassing! XD and of course my counseler would walk in and it was awk cause hes bffs with my dad :P FML! i feel sooo embarassed!!
Kk56, 12
I'm 12 years old and i'm not allowed to go to the mall alone!!! It's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo embarrassing when i'm at the mall with my mom and I see one of the popular kids! Once I was at Hollister with my dad and I saw this girl named ____ (she's wildley popular) with her friend and my dad (who is hard on hearing) says REALLY loudly "Is that one of your llittle friends?"!!!! I almost died!!!! I just smiled at her then quickly walked away as fast as I could. I could hear her and her friend laughing behind me and my dad was so confused!
total emberassment
One time I was sitting next to my crush and my teacher said something funny and I laughed and let out a really load fart and my crush said,"what was that?" and he told his other friend and they made up a secret signal for me farting. so sad:(
she who shall not be named
one time when i was 6 or something my mom was taking me to some kids book club. i was so afraid that something embarrasing would happen, that i ran screaming out of the building!!! i guess i caused an embarrasing moment anyway!!
emily, 12 , bc , canada
Here's one: i got these new amazing shoes, backpack and new sweet sweater at the mall thinking everyone will be impressed... yeah they did, but not in a way i liked: i was walking to the school bus stop with my new stuff on and the closer i got to the stop the bigger the sick feeling in my stomach got. so getting my guts up i turned the corner and yeah ... i basicly died inside my skin. standing there was the popular group of guys and i knew one of them was a real loud mouth. so they are all staring at me and mr. loudy just randomly nods his head while he says my name. and i was all bright red and waved my hand like "please leave me alone" and right now you are probly like thinkin it was a good chance (u know) but no srsly if u knew them... and then they all just laugh softly... ither they were laughing @ me or they thought they were talkin to this cute (same age), hottie that came from heaven. yeah im a dolt head and i had NO idea so i just had my back to them almost the whole time and peeked to see if they were still staring at me like a deer in headlights... ALL OF THEM,im bad at handling that stuff. embarresment
Emily,12 ,BC,Canada
I was at my friends house and we were having a sleep-over . later that day, before bed, i was brushing my teeth and then i spat out all the toothpaste and stuff that was in my teeth (gross,right!) and then i walked away forgetting to rince it. then my friends older sis came in and stared at it like she just saw [something] explode and said "eewww you cant leave you spit in there!" ... :(
Computer pee-er
I was in the computer lab with my class. I had to pee really bad! I raised my hand but my teacher still didn't see! I kinda pee-ed a little. My teacher finally saw my hand. I went to the bathroom and my pants were soaked! I used toilet paper to try to dry. I kept the toilet paper in my pants for the rest of the day! LOLOL!! :)
Freshman in high school. I didn't realize the horrors that can happen in a girl's locker room. I got to my P.E. class a lil' late and opened my big locker (at my school you get a big locker for your class to put your back pack in, and a small locker to hold your P.E. stuff over night) I saw something jumping around though the lockers. I jumped and slammed it close turning to the people next to me. "Did you see that? Was that a frog?" They replied "I don't know." We crowded around the locker, I opened it again. They saw something leap this time too twice. It seemed to be a small brown frog or something. (Hey, I'm slow, lol) It jumped into my small locker, which sadly was the bottom small locker. My surrounding people urged me to take the lock off my small locker. (good thing I decided to step to the side away from it. I don't like frogs that much. I opened it fast and backed away even faster. Out leaped a MOUSE, RAT, RODENT, BROWN, HAIRY, had a TAIL. Everyone in the locker room started screaming hoping up on the benches and on top of the lockers... It was hilarious. I screamed, hoped on a bench , got down as soon as it was out of site to tell the gym teachers, um, they were laughing. They put up a little sign that had a warning for this occasion. They didn't bother catching the mouse, which disappeared somewhere in the locker room (I heard this happens every year, lol it ran over some girls foot too.) People spread some rumor around that the rat bit me, lol. Um no it didn't. Haven't felt safe in a school locker room ever again.
demi ,15 . washington united states
i was sitting on my friend's floor , her dad walked in and saw me in my bra and i screamed and he now won't look at me straight
Anonymous, 13
Well at my school I have to wear a Uniform, and part of that's a hat. I was at my camp the summer before(part of a school thing) and I had to use the bathroom. Under my big bulky uniform, I wore a bathing suit on under(long story) and my hat was tucked in at the back of my pants. I had forgotten It was there so when I went to use the bathroom, since I was trying to focus on trying to get my bathing suit off from under, I had forgotten my hat was in the back of my pants, and it fell in the toilet and I peed on it. When I realized I peed on my hat, I started freaking out, so I went to wash it in the sink. After that, I leave the bathroom with my hat dripping, the boy I like, and one of my friends were standing right there, and they asked what happened. I was kind of hesitant to answer, but I'm just standing there holding my hat with two fingers as it dripped to the ground. So I was like "ummm..." and I told them. They looked completely discusted, even though I already told them I washed it. I had to let it hang outside to dry for a while, then people got curious.... The rest of the day I completely pouted. And cried a little. Perfect. He later was like "WHY DID U TELL ME THAT?!?" hehe... I guess I didn't care at the moment. This haunts me to this day, and is the most embarressing thing I hav ever done in my life... And, I have plenty of other embarressing memories with that same boy just lined up after that....
AG= <33333333 ^^
OMG! This is soooo embarrassing, but, in my math class I dont pay attention alot and my teacher is like, Hey, (my Name), pay attention!" So i said sorry. Then I started to draw on my notebook, and my teacher was like, "(my name), pay attention! This is the 2nd time i told u!"Then he called my name 2 answer a question, and i was like, ummm i dunno! Then, I started to feel my face get hot, my heart start beating really fast, and i started blushing! My crush, started to laugh @ everyone started 2 look at me!!!!! But, i just laughed it off! But it still bugs me ALOT!!!!! Any tips on wat 2 do next time i get embarrassed bcuz of something?????
I went to the bathroom.I went back to my class and somebody asked, " What is in you pants??" I looked and pulled ou TOILET PAPER!
Sara...14.....Fort Myers, Florida
I was at my girlfriends house for the weekend and because the main bathroom shower was broke had to shower upstairs in her mom and dads master bathroom. Nobody else was home so after my shower I wrapped a towel around me to go back down to my girlfriends bedroom to get dressed. As I got half way down the stairs the front door opened and at first I only saw her father. I turned to run back up stairs and tripped then fell down the steps to the first floor. By the time I hit the floor my towel was on the banister and I was laying there naked. It wasn't just her dad that saw me but also her brother and two of his friends who I never even met before. I just started crying and my friends dad gave me my towel. Even now I am embarrassed every time I see her dad and brother.
Ceejay 14 Australia
Me and my bestfriend were walking to mt house after school. We are both silly, so we were mucking around and laughing. She kicked the back of my foot while I was walking and I actually fell on the foot path and was laying on the ground laughing. It was embarrassing, but hilarious! (:
Aleksis, IN
I was in the 6th grade and I thought I was so cool because I walking with all these cute eighth graders down the stairs all of a sudden I got my back-pack cought on the stairs rail and my back-pack got stuck and I did a Face plant down the stairs. I hurt so bad, My face was so red... Every boy laughed at me, Now to this day they laugh at me and ask if I got my back-pack back... FML! );
During winter exams, I missed my bus in the morning. So my mum told me to get in the car, and we basically chased the bus down that highway until it stopped at this random boy's house. I jumped out of the car and started running towards the bus, waving my arms frantically above my head and shouting the boy's name. I was almost to the door of the bus when I slipped and fell on the ice beside the highway. I landed on my butt, and the boy, who's three years older than me, had to help me up. Everyone was laughing at me when I got on the bus, including the bus driver. It was utterly mortifying :(
pushing 15;
i'm almost 15 and i've never been kissed. All the girls in my grade found out now they won't stop bothering me about it! i hate it when they call me a goodie goodie
when are truck broke down we were at a gas station. and when i was running to get in are big red truck, ended up i went INTO a DIFFERENT car.. and when i saw the girl i was soo embarrased i cryed ... BIG uh oh I wont forget
Help Mommy , 10
I was at the grocery store when I wuz like what? 4 er 5 and I was looking at a toy and my mom left so to a stranger that looked like my im chasing them saying Mommy! Mommy! and they turned around and im like oh ummmmm ur not mommy BYE! and I ran off.
I was at the swimming pool with all my friends. As a practical joke one of them unhooked my bikini top wile I wasn't looking then I went under water a few minutes later . Can you imagine my ebaressment when my bikini top floated off, my friend took it and another one held my arms away from m breasts and turned me toward the general direction of three BOYS MY AGE!!!!!
no name please
on christmas morning my family was opening presents. my mom handed me a wrapped present and said give this to your dad for me but i thought she said this is from your dad and me so i opened it and when i saw a work shirt i was so confused!!!! everyone laughed at me and i handed it over to my dad and i felt so embarrased my face turned beet red!!!!
i was with my friends and and we were trying to be cool for the boys so we were climbing over the fence and my pants got caught and they ripped in front of everybody and they were laughing and my friend almost peed her pants
the rock
i was at school and i had the hiccups and when i hicupped i farted really loud and my crush heard me an started laughing at me
Well acro class my mom teaches when it was over I was gettin hot so i un button my shirt i forgot i had no shrt under that neathier a bra so I was flashing to everbody! Ps this stuff is so funny!
when I was 8 my we whent on facation and we were playing football my dad was about 50 yards away and said are you ready to my bro who was in front of me and he said yes my dad threw it and he ducked it smacked me in the face LOL!
Alexandrea 11
I was with a friend and we were walking home and i saw a bottle and it was closed and i junmped on it for fun and i fell on my butt and me my friend and another friend of mines mom was watching and she asked if i was ok and i laughed and said i was going to do it again just to look not embrassed.
lololololololololololololololololololololololol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:p ;p :p :p :p
I was at school camp and I was busting for the toilet but it was like 1 km out in the field so i was running so fast looking around but when i got to the cabin place i wet my pants and i was wearing shorts! My friends were with me the whole time. Then i finally found the toilet and realised my pants were soaked and i couldn't go back to change cause they were already loaded to the bus to come back. As we walked back to the activity, my friend said, "Why are you covering your back?" and one of them said, "She peed in her pants," I died with embarrassment!! Then we had to stand up in front of the whole grade for some activity! SO EMBARRESSING I NEVER FORGET THAT DAY OF MY LIFE!
Well basically i get really motion sick when it comes to me and a couple friends were at the fair riding the zipper and, you guessed it, i threw up all over my friends. I WAS MORTIFIED!!! For some weird reason they still hang around me tho.
One time when I was at a party with some of my friends I had to pee really bad but the bathroom always seemed to occupied. I held it for the whole part, and I drank a lot of punch too. When I was leaving the party the bathroom was still occupied so I started out walking home with two other girls that are close friend of mine. They knew I had to go really bad, and they were laugh at me. Half way home I had to stop walking and rap one leg aroung the other very tightly. My friends were killing themselves laughing. But it was not laughing matter. I started peeing. It wasn't long and my friends could see my jeans were getting soaked with pee as it was going down my legs. I was humiliated, but my friends were having a great time laughing at me. But than I noticed one of my friends falling on the gound she was laughing so hard and she was pointing at my friends pants. I looked and she was peeing her pants too. She laughed so hard she peed herself too, and she soon stopped laughing. The three of us continued our walk home, two of us with pee soaked pants, and the other smiling at the embarrassment me and my other friend.
once when i came out of the bathroom at a wedding reception i had wet spot on my butt and everyone thought i peed myself. it turn out when i was sitting on toilet the floor was wet and my dress got wet at the back. i was pretty embarrassed though.
When i was in school back in fith gradei was werewing cute jeens ,but they really didn't fit.So as we where doing math my teacher wihsperd is my ear PULL UP YOUR PANTS!she said she saw my butt and my Underwere!Man im nver wereing thoses jeens again.
When i wuz little i went to the airport and i went look at the arrivals(just 2 let u know i wuz picking some body up) and i went running back to my dad and i went and hugged ( by accident ) somebody with the same pants as my dad SO EMBARSESSING!!
ursular 13
when i was 11,i was at school,and i was soo tired after a really late night,it was home time,but i was half dreaming,i went over to the loud speaker and said i am ursular,half of each class needs to come up to the office to see a punch and judy show,i will be back but i just need to go to the toilet. and i pee'd by the drinking machine outside the office.loads of people saw.cringey!
haha these are mostly hilariousss!! we are designing our own embarrasing moments page and we hope that u share ur embarrasing moments. :) x
j 14
one time i was in school and we were in gym 7th period and we were changing and these girls who think there better than use open the stall and everyone saw me changing omg
Hahaa, just reaad. ;)
Ok so as im walking out of school, this guy and his friend are walking kinda behind me and the guy asks his friend why he isnt playing basketball but i totally thought he was talking to me! so i kinda glanced around and said 'i am!' and he said 'what?' and i said again, 'i am!' and turned around and kept walking to my moms car but he looked all confused and he still looks at me like im craazy!! haa it waas sooo embarrassing and akwaaard!!
OMG! Back in 5th grade we had this thing called chour right (dou!), and my class and i were all standing on the bleachers getting ready to sing and my crush was sitting RIGHT BEHIND ME and my teacher started rolling the video camera. And right after we sang, i farted out loud and ofcourse everybody heard. Not to menssion the video camera was still rolling. I WAS SOOO EMBARRASED!! yikes.
Kelly, 13
I was walking to my table during lunch and my friend came up behind me and she pulled down my pants!!! I had to wadle to a table, and pull up my pants! what made it so bad, I had on Whinne the Poo underwear on!!
caitlyn ; 13
between 2 period of science, we usually had this in between 10 minute recess thing. this particular day, when it was the 10 minute recess, my crush came inside our classroom and i was just literally heating up, when he came closer to me, he was lyk "hi" inside of me was just insane. So i was like "hi" back to him, when I realized he was saying hi to his friend who was behind me, it was so embarassing!!! I`m pretty sure some people noticed because they were giggling but not much, atleast my crush thought i was cute
jessie <3
Well umm.. i was with my bestfriend and we were messing around and we where danceing and we were on video chat with my crush and we forgot and he was watching us dancing in our room and he started mocking us the next day!!!
brain freeze, 14 in Newmarket
OMG! I was hiding a slushie in class and taking sips when the teacher turned around. Then he asked me a question right when I got a brain freeze!!! My face got all messed up and I couldn't talk. He thought I was having a sezuire or something and started freaking out so I started pointing to my slushie while I was holding my head with my other hand in PAIN and he finally got it and got so mad. The class laughed so hard I could hear them even when I was out in the hall. They said the teacher laughed too because my lips and tongue were bright blue. Major embarassment!!
The TEXT! So i was chatting with my crush and he typed to me he read my text. In my mind i was like "what text did i send you? You don't have texting?" He countinued while i replied umm ok what text? The one that says "i like you". And right there i could feel my face burning up bright red! Oh no OMG i wasn't supposed to send that! How did i send that? Im the txt was some embarrasing things like "i like you do u like me? and things like i felt happy umm when we walked home together and stuff! I grabbed a mirror and saw my face was bright red like a tomato! We a good thing was he said i like you too. Then our conversation went silent and weird akward.
Chava, 12
me and my bestie were at the mall and we bought slushies. we finished them and as we were leaving we bumped into my teacher. (a man). we started talking and at the end he said to me: "nice lipstick" and he walked off. "WHAT????" i yelled after him. later my bestie told me my lips were bright red from the slushies. so embarassing! she just wont let me live it down!
rose 12
i was at a party and i had to go real bad but i had finally gotten my crush to talk to me.suddenly i started peeing was mortifying.
ice cream lover
ok like I couldnt sleep so I snuck down and got out the ice cream and i didn't put it in a bowl i was just going to have a couple spoonfulls and i started reading all the jokes in here and i was laughing so much -in silence of course which is really hard haha - and I looked and i ate most of the family ice cream. i was wondering why it was melting!!!!!!!!!
crazy wowow
hahahahahah lol hilarious amazing stories you should have more about boys though.
Well, we all have our embarrassing moments, especially in the places we don't want them to happen. Note: When you are walking, look FORWARD! You can come back and awe at the sight. We had taken a trip to Barkerville......amazing little town by the way......and I looked back to gaze at something. It so happens a man was right in my path, and I walked right into him. I would have been a little less embarrassed if I had been with my parents, but I happened to be with my friends parents :O How embarrassing. Fortunately, the streets were emptier, but I'm still sure someone saw. How embarrassing!
Gail, 13, Brampton, ON
My most embarrassing moment was in English class when we were playing Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader and my team made it to the million dollar question. The question was "Whats the biggest organ?" I yelled out skin and everybody just stopped and stared at me then laughed. My team just stopped and stared at me!!
This one keeps happening to me, it all started when I was with my friend at the movies. I thought I saw my cousin (this guy looked so much like him its nor funny). So I went up and said something like, "Ha long time no see!" Well, he looked at me like I was crazy and I realized it was the wrong person!
Paige, Marmora, ON
Me and my friend were swimming once, and i had a bikini on and when i was underwater the top part came up, then i stood up and i was blabbing away to her about something... and she made the notion for me to pull my bathing suit and i looked down, and my, ummm... ya, well, was sticking out! Sooooo! embarrasing!
I was gonna show my class a few pictures i took at the British museum in London and i accidentally put the video and pictures of me hosting a sleepover and we were telling our biggest secrets!!!! and they heard it all and the worst part was it wasn't closing!!!! it was frozen but still playing
Amanda, 13, HamiltoN
hey mell it's Amanda haha I always love your embarassing moments!!! Cya at soccer, amanda
Ashley, 12, Bowmanville
I was on stage performing and my pants fell down. Everyone in the audience saw and it was so embarrassing!
Krissy, 13, Brampton ON
On a regular morning I was on the school bus going to school and at the last stop my MOM showed up and yelled out to me: "Honeeeeey, do you have your music project?" I was SO humiliated, and after, all the kids on the bus started laughing at me and I almost started crying!"
Rachel, 12, Nanaimo, BC
Well let's just say it was a super boring day at school because pretty much half our class was at track, so we had to go to another split class. I was very tired because our teacher didn't give us much to do. Then the teacher was calling on me while I was looking right at him, but I was too bored to notice. Pretty much everybody was looking at me! How embarrassing. I was glad half my class was at track!
caitlin canada
once i was sitting in the library and i went to the bathroom and when i came back there was a total stranger reading all off my personal emails! i told him to bug off but her read ALL about me and my friend talking about the boy i liked! turns out it was my crushes big bro!
Kiki, 14 AB
I was at my uncle's house, and with barefeet i was walking aross his front lawn. Suddenly, my foot smooshed into something warm and very squishy. I looked down and realized I had stepped in his dog's fresh poop! To make matters worse, when i cried out in disgust, everyone laughed! But even I have to admit it was extremely hilarious!
It was the first time meeting my boyfriend's parents... everyone was called to the table for dinner and I was upstairs using the bathroom. So I hurried up to get downstairs so I wouldn't be the last one to sit and I slipped and fell all the way down the stairs, which happened to be right across from the dining room table where everyone was! Nothing was hurt except my ego! How embarrassing!!
crystal 13
Well I was at a dance called the pre teen that happens everymonth & I was walking around looking for guys & a slow song came on & someguy I know threw friends came up to me & put his arms out so I figured he wanted to slowdance so I put my arms around him & started to dance & then he turned to me & said "um o no I wanted a hug" so I just gave him a hug & walked away.. It was soooooooo embaressing & what"s worse is later I found out my best friend has a crush on him! If she ever finds out I'm dead, now everytime I see him I just walk away
Emily, 13, Cobour, Ontario
One day, randomly, this totally hot guy who I had crushing on ever since the beginning of the year asked me why I called his house during the weekend. I was just walking by him with my BFF and I said, "What did you say?" because I didn't quite hear the question. And he was like, "Why did you call my house during the weekend?" So I misunderstood him and ended up saying "Oh, I'm sorry, I cant go to your house this weekend because I'm going to me Dad's." (I totally thought he was asking me out!) It was THE MOST embaressing moment I had experienced EVER! So then my friend said "Oh, I'm sorry but I think Emily misunderstood you." It still makes me blush just thinking about it!
I LOVE GCDAnything magazine!
In grade 1, we were supposed to be really quiet as we were walking down the hall to our assembly and their was a bunch of other students their. When I was talking to my friends and making kissie faces as a joke, i tripped and fell on my crush. Sooo Embarrising!! Don't tell anyone!
kiera ont 13
so today ( april 7) my best friend and i were walking around the calf and she turned really quickly now the floors are really slipery!!:) and i was wearing balerina flats so she turned really fast and i went flying and as i was trying to grab onto her before anyone saw i saw my crush watching so i fell flat on my face and the WHOLE school saw i was bright red everyone was laughing as i got up and fell again.... needless to say im never wearing those shoes again!
Paige, 11, Ontario
One time me and my brother (he's 17) were playing and i really had to go to the bathroom, so i decided i would head down there. Well my brother scarede me to death and picked me up and put me on his shoulders. Well, i really had to go, and i was laughing really hard... then, i kinda peed a little! LOL!!!
Mell,13, Hamilton ON
One of my friends and I were in music, and my teacher is very boring. So while she was talking, we were passing notes, and I asked, "if you had to live for a week without a shirt or pants, NO underwear or bras, what would you choose?" and passed the note to her. She passed back to me saying "def. pants cause I am so flat!". I said that wouldn't know what to choose, and as I was throwing the note to her my teacher came and took it! I am in a play that we are doing at school; I am the main character, and I am afraid that she would call mom, so me and my friend appolizgized. It was so embrassing because all of the guys were laughing really hard! I will never forget that day!
omg caitlin L. u r so right GCDA ROXX MY SOXX!!!!!!!!
Anya, 13
TOADS! One of my most embarrassing moments was when I was at my cottage (I was 4 or 5) and I was trying to impress my friend by catching a toad. So under the deck was this HUGE TOAD. After a few minutes of chasing it around I finally caught it and brought it back triumphantly to my friend. But then she started screaming EWWW! and I felt my hands getting soaked! I looked at the toad and it PEED ALL OVER MY HANDS! Ewww, so much for trying to impress her!
malissa 15
OMG. In grade 2, I needed to go to the bathroom but the teacher was in the middle of a lesson. I kept putting up my hand but she still didn't see me. I was reaaly getting embarresed because I realy had to go! Before I knew it, I peed my pants in front of the whole class. A big, yellow puddle was leaking on the floor. Everybody was looking at me. It was soooooo embarrising!!!
This happened on my first day of high school. It was lunch and I was eating some rice thing my mom made with chicken and I while I was chewing and sitting at a table with older kids who totally scared me i SNEEZED and rice flew all over everyone! I thought i was going to be killed but mostly they laughed and said ew gross and moved away from me a little. so embarasing!
Becca, 16
I was working at Tim Hortons and this mom and her kid came up and asked for a coffee and a juice. The kid started begging for a donut and the mom said no. She turned to me and asked if I could say we're all out because the kid was freking out so much so I said sorry we have no more, those donuts are on hold. So the kid cried so loud and said I was mean and the mom hugged her and said I know sweety she's terrible. Then she winked at me and and paid. The person next asked why I would do sucha thing. omg that was awful!
One time when I was sleeping my brother had nothing to do and it was 2:00 in the morning and he thought he should play a prank on me so he got black tape and taped me to my blaket and he thought that was not enough so he when under my bed and taped me to my bed finnaly I was waking up so he ran to his room and i woke up to turn off my tv when I noticed I could not move at all i look down and see I was taped to my bed so I yelled KYLE and he came in laughing and i freaked out on him then i finnaly took the tape off and when back to bed.
Mikayla, 11!!!!
Me and my sister and friends were playing a game we made up named "florders" and i was on top of my round bed frame and one of my legs fell in behind the bed frame and one of them wasn't!!!! All my friends laughed!!!! No-one helped me up!!!!!! LOL
Amber 11
One day I was standing outside of school, waiting for my friend to come to school and a seagull dropped it's mess all over my head. Everybody was laughing at me and when I was in the bathroom trying to get it out of my hair it got all over my brand new sweater and my good hair brush. Then the bell rang and little kid came in and laughed at me! I was sooo embaressed :)
Payton, ONT
One day, i got an award and i hate when my mom brings the camera, so when i went up to go get it i shook the teachers hand and then, my mom came up in front of the WHOLE school, and took a picture, i didn't smile because i was sooooo mad at her, so i was frowning in front of the whole school and when then the school was laughing at me.... sooo embarassing!!!!!!!!!
Becky, Markham, ON
One day we had a special hot lunch at school, but I really didn't like mine because it was really spicy! I wanted to call my mom to see if she could bring me another on lunch but when I pressed the phone line to make a call I hit the P.A. system instead. I was talking to my mom for five minutes before I realized the whole school heard me!
Clara, 13
Well, my brother works at an auction house, so I go their a lot and get to see tons of cool stuff! You see, one time, they had 20 some tables of stuff, and they would aution off whatever people wanted. Me and my were looking aroud, and I knocked a pole off one of the tables! Everyone looked at me and the Auctioneer guy even stopped and looked! I picked it up but i was soooooooooooooo embarassed!!
In front of all my best guy friends i was running down our big hill at my school and of coarse I lost my footing and fell all the way down I tried to shake it of and give the excuse "I ment to do that" most embarassing moment!
Adrianna, 12, Pierrefonds, QC
When I was about six years old I was playing in the back yard with my brother and my dad. I saw the broom on the ground and got an idea that I would jump on it! So I did. At first nothing happened but after jumping on it over and over it swung up and hit me in the face. OUCH! My lip was bleeding and I was crying while my whole family was laughing. Back the I was so embarrassed but now I just laugh too! It felt like I was in a cartoon!
Don't lie to your mom
This one time I was looking at my mom's old makeup and she had this bright pink lip stick that was so bad. I winded it up all the way and it fell off so I put it back in the tube thing and put it back so she wouldn't know I broke it. Then I was talking to my mom and she says Have you been in my make up? And I'm like NO. So after a while we're having lunch and she says are you sure you haven't been in my stuff? And I'm like Why can't you trust me. Then my dad and sister come home and she's like OMG what's on your face? So I look in the meere and theres pink lipstick smeered across my face from when I wiped my nose. How embarasing!
OMG! girls i read like all that stuff that is soo funny and most of that stuff i read i couldn't beleive i thought that would be a really scary thing if it happened to me!!!
caitlin L.
GCDA mag is my fave of all mags!!!!!!!
i chewed the wrong end!
This one time I was soooooo bored in class and I was doodling on my notebook and chewing my pen and thinking about when recess was finally going to start. Then my teacher started smiling at me and asked me to come to the front of the class to answer a question. The question was "was that a good pen?" I didn't know what he meant and why everyone was laughing histerically so he told me to go to the bathroom and look in the mirror and OMG!!! I had ink all over the side of my mouth and tongue and it wouldn't come off. The class was laughing so hard and when I came back to class they started laughing AGAIN!!
Sheila-Lee, 17, ON
Okay so this happened when I was about 11 or 12. I was building a snow fort with my friends on the first big snow fall. We had made this tunnel through the snow to the back of the yard where we built this wicked fort that was as tall as us and had 2 rooms. So we were adding snow benches and carving out holes for windows and I was acting like a goofball singing some silly song and my friends were laughing and watching me and as I was closing my eyes being silly and carving the hole at the same time my friends started screaming EWWWW!!! I opened my eyes and in the snow was DOG POO and it was on my mitts! How embarrassing. To this day it comes up when we have our first snowfall. LOL Happy fort building everyone!
omg u guys are sooo funny :) great stories! :P
My bro, my dad and me were all at a nearby zoo and we were going to buy something at the gift shop. My dad has this really weird nickname for me and he called out "what would you like to buy monkey-butt?" I was so embarrassed and he did it in front of everyone. He still calls me that to this day.
Alysha, 12, Kelowna BC
Normally I call my dad "Daddy" a lot. My teacher is like the Terminator 3000, and once in math class I was so stuck in a test and there was no name line so I put my hand up and said out loud: "Um Daddy, where do we put our name on the test?" I just froze in the spot after I realized what I said... I was so embarrassed!
the most embarassing thing ever was when me and my friend were at a movie. Some one burped really loud and everyone started laughing including us. Later on, somebody farted but i think we were the only ones who heard it because no one else was laughing. we couldn't stop laughing and the security guard came in and told us to shut up! everyone was staring!
Melli, 13
One day at school, me and my 4 friends-ones a guy- were hanging out by these 2 trees we weren't supposed to be by. Then we saw this big peice of doggy doo doo. All of a sudden, a another guy ran over calling my name if i wanted to play soccer. By the time he reached us, he had stepped in the large peice of you-know-what. It didn't happen to me, but it must have been very embrassing. we were laghing so hard-including him cause he was okay whit it- so the teachers saw us and gave us trouble. I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT DAY!!
Embarresed girl
We had to do french plays in french class, and my crush was in my group. He was playing a part of a girl, but then we had changed it to a guy, but I forgot to change my script. Before we performed the plays, I was studying my lines, and when we performed I had accidentally called him "Mrs." instead of "Mr." and then I laughed so hard for the rest of the play that I messed up all of my lines. It was really embarrasing
one time i was in class not paying attnetion and when everyone said the answer out loud i said it with them so the teacher wouldn't know i wasn't listening. mean while i was drawing little designs on my book. then everyone started laughing so i started laughing too and they laughed louder so i did too then i looked up and saw everyone was laughing at ME!!! the teacher was aksing me a question and i wasn't answering so when people laughed and i laughed too it was even funnier so they laughed more. then when i noticed i was so embarrassed and my friend told me later that she laughed so hard she pee-d a little. people even had laughing tears.
miss laugh-a-lot
My embarrasing moment was when i went to Winkler, MB for the harvest festival. the night that i went, there were these performers. The guy had done a fireball, and was then going to put a torch down his throat and put out the flame. of course, he was nervous, so he was stalling. he did an impression of the statue of liberity, then he said, "And now, a Lighthouse" and he held the torch in front of him and turned around in a circle. Of course, i found that really funny and burst out laughing. The embarrasing part was, i was the only person in the entire crowd that laughed!
when i was like 11 me and my friend were at Canada's Wonderland with her parents, my parents and my little brother. well i was watching ripetide while we were on our way to get some lunch. and well i have never really been able to walk a strait line without paying attention and well i was slowing down and my dad called me and i turned around in time to walk face first into a tree! my nose hurt and when i caught up my friend started giggling. turns the tree gave me a nose bleed. they all laughed at me the whole day. in fact to this day she still laughs at me about it (i am 13 now)
sara, 13
My friends always play tag and I don't like that so I told them to play somthing else, but they said no! :p So what I did I just played with my friends. And we played man-hunt it's like tag. Then Itold my friends a secert and then they were happy that I told my secert. Then they told the everybody in my class. So I was mad at my friends and everybody laugh so I was mad at everybody. And my teacher was laughing at me and I was mad at my teacher.
not telling
I lived in a little town up north when I was in grade 3 and it was after school and I had to go to the bathroom really bad but the stalls were all taken. So I decided I could make it if I just ran all the way home. It was winter and I was amazed how well I was doing. I got all the way to my driveway and I was huffing and puffing and suddenly I knew that oh-no I couldn't make it to the back door on time. So I crouched down by the front porch and just let it flow right through my clothes. I was crying really loudly because I was so upset that I had tried so hard to make it. Then I noticed that icicles were hanging from the porch and they were huge. I tried to break a couple off while I crouched in my wet and steamy snow pants. But when I stood up I saw that the girl (my arch enemy by the way!) who lived across the street was staring at me from her front yard with her mouth open. I still remember the little puffs of breath coming from her mouth in the cold air. I called out "You poo-poo!" and crying even harder I ran to the back door with a big icicle in each hand. HOW EMBARRASSING!
Adara, Sudbury
one day i found out that a girl in my class new my stepbrother and was chatting with him on facebook. he told her a bunch of embarassing stuff about me and then she told a lot of people. i was so mad at him after that.
Hilarious! I laughed harder than I have in a long time when I read these - especially the ones about the static electricity, the Italian melon head and the aisle races. lol lol
Usually when we play soccer at school, I just stay out of the way and intercept some balls. One day, I felt more confident and went to try to get the ball. One came to me, and I was kicking it hard to try and send it down to the other side. Except the class clown went right in front of the ball at the exact moment I hit it, and it hit him square in the forehead.
Monster Princess, Toronto
When I was in grade three I dressed up like a princess with a beautiful dress and full makeup for Halloween. When I got home from school my Dad was home early for work and said Great costume! A monster princess! I guess all day I was rubbing my eyes and eating candy getting my lipstick all smeared and I never looked in the mirror so I didn't know my makeup was a MESS! I cried and my dad felt so bad!! How embarrassing!!!!!
Robyn 14, London
I was trying to steel a soccer ball from this guy and when i went to kick it i missed and flew backwards into a mud pile i had to walk into class covered in mud and ask to go to the bathroom and everyone laughed at me i laughed with them and i still get reminded about to this day thanks to my charming very best friend!
Catie, Stouffville
Ewww...! My most embarrassing moment was when I laughed so hard my sides were hurting and then I started snorting and PHLEGM filled my mouth. I couldn't hold it in and spewed it all over my friend. That was the end of our tickle fights for good!
Ravneet, 11, Alberta
Pick Me! One day at camp at just a certain time I had my hand up to answer a question. She picked me and I totally forgot what I was going to say. The worst part is it happened a few times when I put my hand up again and she picked me and I forgot again! So she said radomly "don't worry it's just part of puberty" and everyone was quiet and staring at me and i felt so embarrassed!
Sofey, Waterloo, ON
Chocolate freak out...My most embarrassing moment is I once was all hyper because I ate TOO many chocolates. So I started screaming and being crazy outside my house. Then I realized what I was doing and noticed that everyone in the neighbourhood was looking right at me! I was too embarrassed to leave so I stayed home all day on the next day.
Aisa, 14, Brockville, ON
Calling the cops... My most embarrassing moment was when I was with my mom and my little brother and we were making a call at a payphone. There were two of them, and while my mom was on one my brother (who was only 7) called 911! The cops actually came and blamed it all on my mom! It was scary and funny at the same time. So many people were staring at us... I was embarrassed so much... my mom grounded my little brother for it big time! That's my MOST embarrassing moment!
Nikka, 13, London, ON
Do you speak English?... My most embarrassing moment was when I walked up to the new French immersion class in my school. I was trying to welcome them, by saying hi and asking them if they wanted to come hang out with us. They didn't reply so I asked them again. Nothing. I didn't realize they were just ignoring me so I asked them if they could speak English. Then they gave me the most idiotic look as if I was stupid. "Ya, of course we do" one of them said. How embarrassing!
VicVic, 13, Vancouver, BC
Spinning Swings!... One time me and some kids in my class (including my crush) were spinning each other on the swings at lunch. I was spinning so fast that I fell off the swing but my shorts AND underwear stayed on the swing! It was so embarrassing and my crush was laughing for weeks after that (but he was nice enough and didn't tell the whole school!)
Tayla, 11, Calgary, AB
Aisle Races!... One time I was at the grocery store and I was running down the aisles with my BFF. While we were running one way my mom was calling me down the other end so I turned around while I was running and I hit this big guy in the stomach. He was very strong and said "ow" and ran away crying!
Erica, 12, Bowmanville, ON
Birthday Plunge... When I was at my birthday party three years ago I had to use the washroom real bad but there was a huge line up and I was at the end. Half an hour later I was finally next in line so when the door opened I ran in! Well, my Grandpa was in before me and forgot to put the seat down. In my hurry I didn't notice so when I sat down I fell right in the toilet and totally drenched my dress! How embarrassing.
CAUGHT!! I was on the computer PRETENDING I was doing homework because I was grounded from the internet. I had to use the kitchen computer so my mom could supervise. The screen doesn't face her way so I thought I was getting away with it. I opened an e-mail from my BFF of this calm picture of nothing, and then this TOTALLY scary face popped out of nowhere and I screamed! I was so caught, and SO EMBARRASSED!
Shimi, 15
MUD BUTT!I rode my bike to a party in the summer and it was after a rainy day. It wasn't until like 2 hours later that one of my friends told me I had wet mud splashed all the way from my butt up my back! HOW EMBARRASSING!
Diana, 14
A-CHOOOO! I sneezed in Chemistry class when I was in a group with 2 guys and something shot out of my nose right onto the experiment. HOW EMBARRASSING!
Wednesday! One time I was walking around school for two periods with my skirt tucked in my underwear! And my underwear were the ones with the day printed on the back... double embarrassment!
Sidney, 13, London, ON
ANNOYING LITTLE BROTHER! Last summer holiday I had a sleep over with my closest girlfriends. We were painting each other's toe nails when my 6 year old brother came running down the stairs with my bra in his hands screaming "I'm Sydney! And I like [name]! Oh La La!" My face turned as red as a tomato! The worst part was that my brother had a friend over... and he was his little brother!
Melissa, 14, Toronto, Ontario
Vacation Embarrassment "Last year my family and I took a vacation in Milan, Italy. I have to say my Italian isn't so great, so when my older brother took me out to an Italian café one afternoon, I asked him to tell me how to ask the waiter where the bathroom was. He told me, and the next time the waited came along, I said to him: "Sono una testa sciocca del melone." The waiter looked at me rather puzzled before saying in Shaky English, " I do not understand." My brother only told me after we left the restaurant that what I had said loosely translated in English as "I am a silly melon-head."
Veronica, Oshawa, Ontario
LOCKER SLIP UP One day when I opened my locker a bunch of stuff started to fall out. I had pictures of my crush in it and as he was walking by, the pictures flew into his face!! He looked very surprised when he saw all the pictures and then saw me standing there. I was so embarrassed!
Darlene, 17, Whitehorse, Yukon
STATIC ELECTRICITY! I was in the school production last year and I had a big part on stage. I was sooo nervous but I got all dressed up and was ready to do my best. The problem was we ran out of dryer sheets and my clothes were all staticy. By the time I got to school even my hair was staticy and it was sort of standing up. So there I was on stage and every time I turned to walk people would giggle. I found out later that I had a pair of PINK UNDERWEAR static-stuck to my BACK! That and the fly-away hair and my clingy static clothes... I was so embarrassed.
Joce, Barrie, Ontario
UH-OH, NO KEY! At my school, I was doing a project with my video camera. So no one would take it, I stuck it in my teacher's unlocked filing cabinet (with his permission). The next day when I planned to present it, I went to get it and pressed this little silver button, but that just locked it. When I went to get the key from my teacher he looked stunned and said he didn't have one, so I went to the office to get one. My Vice-Principal yelled at me and said they didn't have a key and embarrassed me in front of the entire full office. Later that day, my principal found a key and unlocked it for me. Thank Goodness!
Missy, 13, San Fransisco California
IT WASN'T ME! One time I was in class and sitting at my desk. We're not allowed to have water on our desk so I just put it on the floor and when I went to reach it I tooted and the two people heard me beside me and one behind me. Unfortunately the person was a guy behind me so I blamed it on him! I was too embarrassed to look at either of them all day!!
Ripped, 13
Rrrrrrrippp!! My class was on an overnight trip for Outdoor Ed. We were on bikes and we were climbing a really steep rocky hill. I was talking with my crush and I lost my footing and well… I fell! That wasn't the worst part. I was wearing really tight jeans (a little too tight!) and when I fell they ripped on the inside thigh area right there in front of everyone. You get it. How seriously embarrassing!
Shelby, 13
Baaahahahaahahaaaa!! My most embarrassing moment was when me and my BFF were at camp and she said something really funny. So of course I laughed! We laughed so hard to the point where our stomachs ached! Then he said something else funny that made me laugh SO HARD I couldn't hold it and I kinda peed!
Anonymous, 15
Wrong Answer!!! One day I was sitting in human body class not really paying attention (but I thought I knew what they were talking about). All of a sudden my teacher asked me a question so I answered the 'body part' I thought we were talking about and everyone started laughing hysterically! The answer was something totally different and I was so embarrassed!
Tianna 10
Sound the Alarm!!! We were at Canadian Tire and I was pushing the cart. When we went to the checkout my Dad told me to put the cart back. Well... I thought that you had to go out of the store to put it back. Turns out I didn't. So I set off the alarm. OMG was it EMBARRASSING!
Anonymous, Winnipeg, MB
THEY JUST DON'T FIT! Before you read this, I'm letting you all learn that when your pants are too small on you, GET RID OF THEM! One day, I was debating if I should wear my favourite jeans for the last time before giving them to my little cousin. I chose to wear them ...BIG MISTAKE! Later that day, I could hear some guys laughing behind me, and I tried to ignore it. Then one said really loudly "PULL UP YOUR PANTS!" Most humiliating moment of my life!!

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