Ask a Girl - grad ceremony, stranded on an island, fave ride

ASK A GIRL, June 2009, by the CCLC


1. What would you do if you were the host of your graduation ceremony and got tongue tied in front of everyone?

Aston, 11:
I'd make the mistake look like it was part of my speech.
Patricia, 12: I would probably turn really red, but then I'd take a deep breath, and try to focus so I could go on.
Renai, 12: LAUGH!
Robyn, 14: I would do the same thing I did at my grade 8 speech competition... ask for a redo!
Victoria, 12: I'd keep going as if nothing happened and hope nobody noticed the mistake. If I had to memorize the words and I forgot them, I'd make it up as I go along and wing it.
Anna, 12: I'd just laugh it off! You have to be able to laugh at yourself or else it's really embarrassing.
Shion, 12: I'd pretend that I didn't make a mistake and just keep on reading and hope that nobody noticed.
Sydney, 13: I'd be totally embarrassed!! I'd turn really really red…I hate speaking in front of crowds.
Kate, 14: I'd pause for a sec, then try to keep on going and not think about the mistake. But afterwards, I'd be so mad at myself!
Olivia, 12: Try to make the tongue-tying look like I was overwhelmed with emotion.
Nicol, 10: RUN!
Emily D: Start laughing or start crying.

2. If you were stranded on an island and could only take 3 things, what would they be?

Anne, 11: I would bring some soup, some firewood & matches, and a book about how to send smoke signals to cry for help.
Kim, 14: Friends, food, music.
Bailey, 12: Digital camera, humungous vending machine, laptop with wireless internet.
Alma, 12: My mp3 (to keep me sane and to stop me from being bored to death), canned soup and my computer.
Laura, 11: Food, water and a motor boat!
Olivia, 12: Umm… a boat, my family, and a big book.
Nicole, 10: My dog, food, water.
Emily D, 9: If it's a pretty island, lots and lots of food! If it's warm a bathing suit but if it's cold then blankets and warm clothes and a camera. If it's an ugly island, then a white flag, radio and hope.
Stace, 17: I would bring my cell phone, lip gloss, and my best friend to talk to.
Meghan, 18: If I were on a deserted island, I would bring a friend, a boat, and an unlimited supply of purified water.
Caitlin, 18: I would bring suntan lotion, water and a seaplane.
Andrea, 13: I would take my phone, a boat and someone who knew how to drive a boat.

3. What's your favourite ride at a theme park and why?

Anne, 11: The tilt-a-whirl. Don't go on it enough to make you sick, but just to have fun!
Patrica, 12: The carousel. I know it's not super scary and all that, but it's always just really fun!
Sarah, 11: Bumper cars. I don't know why, I just like bumping stuff!
Renai, 12: The ferris wheel because you can see everything!
Natasha, 14: I like Chaos because, once I was going on it with my friend for the first time, and while we were spinning around, my shoe fell off. We got off and it was stuck in the mud!
Victoria, 12: Rollercoasters! They're the most fun and they get your blood pumping.
Alma, 12: DEFINITELY Rollercoaster! They're scary but fun.
Anna, 12: Those huge (and I mean HUGE) drop rides!
Shion, 12: Rollercoasters!!! They're awesome. I like those ones that go in a loop.
Jessica, 15: I love the rollercoasters! The scarier the better.
Sydney, 13: I don't really like the rides, I like the haunted houses and stuff like that better.
Laura, 11: Those rides that spin around and around REALLY, REALLY fast!
Kate, 14: I don't like theme parks… I just like the food there!
Olivia, 12: I hate theme parks and I've never been on a roller coaster.
Hannah, 9: My favourite ride is a Drop Zone because I like going up and down.
Jordan, 9: Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland because it is big and I love going on big high roller coasters.
Emily W, 9: Rocking boat because it's fun!


its an emotional day for everyone its no big deal everyone is friends they will cheer u up its cool

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