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ASK A GUY, June 2007, by Real Guys


Is it okay for a girl to ask guy out?

Chris, 16: Yes, I think it’s okay for a girl to ask a guy out. A girl has every right to.
Kyle, 15:
I think it doesn’t really matter who asks who out.
Kyle, 16: It’s okay for a girl to bring it up and talk more about a relationship but as for directly asking a guy out, it may be weird.
Abhi, 13: Yes, because if the guy doesn’t know that the girl likes him, he might be feeling the same way about her but was too shy to say anything.
Daryl, 13: Yes, because guys shouldn’t need to always make the first move.
Sean, 18:
When I was younger it was so hard to ask out a girl I liked. I WISH a girl was brave enough to ask me out. So I say yes, if a girl wants to she should, but it sure isn’t an easy thing to do when you worry if they might say no!

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Darryl, 14:
10 minutes. I brush my teeth, wash my face and get dressed.
Chris, 16: I spend 45 mins. just getting out of bed!
Kyle, 16: 45 mins. from alarm clock until I leave the house, and this includes 15-20 mins of jamming to loud music!
Kyle, 15: Usually about 20 mins, but I could be faster if I wasn’t so tired!
Dehjaughn, 14:
40 minutes because you have to look good, and I have a lot of clothes to choose from!

Do you think fashion models are the image of the “perfect girl”?

Dehjaughn, 14: No, because a perfect girl is all about her per-sonality and the way she acts.
Abhi, 13: No! Models are forced to look a certain way that’s not natural. I think if you took them on a date to a horseback riding farm they would dump you right there!
Kyle, 15:
No, they usually aren’t natural looking with too much makeup and all computer enhanced. I think the perfect girl should be determined from her personality.
Kyle, 16:
No not even close. Way too skinny!
Sean, 18:
Well, I do notice the pretty ones first, but the more you get to know someone you like, the prettier they get from their personality. I actually dated a model once and I thought she was way more beautiful when she wasn’t all made up and stuff.

Would you rather have a girlfriend who looks like a model and has no personality, or one who is really cool and fun but average looking?
Kyle, 15:
A cool and fun girl.
Dehjaughn, 14: Cool and fun.
Abhi, 13:
A cool and fun girl because she would know how to have a good time and she would be pretty because she would feel that way.
Daryl, 13: Cool and fun because she has to have a personality to have fun with
Kyle, 16:
Cool and fun.
Chris, 16: I think I speak for most guys when I say that girls with no personality are uninteresting. Look at it this way: what’s more interesting, a marble just sitting there, or a marble going down some crazy ramp? It’s generally the same concept. I would rather be dating a girl with a little flare then a dull one, even if the dull one was beautiful.
Sean, 18:
No competition, cool and fun all the way.

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