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Ask a Guy - grad ceremony, stranded on an island, fave ride

ASK A GUY, June 2009, by the CCLC


1. What would you do if you were the host of your graduation ceremony and got tongue tied in front of everyone?

Matthew, 10: I'd move on. Nobody would really care. Sure someone would laugh – I'd laugh with them!
Steven, 12: I'd just keep on going like nothing happened. Then I'd laugh about it afterwards
Willy, 12: I'd just pretend that I knew what I was doing and make it up.
Simon, 12: I'd find where I was and keep on going. Hopefully, no one would have noticed.
Caleb, 14: I'd pretend that I knew what I was doing, even if I actually don't. Then, during a speech or something, I'd go ask one of the teachers for the script.
Jake, 10: I'd just keep on going and try to get over that mistake.
Paul, 15: I'd be so freaked out! But I'd keep on going. It's worse if you stop that way everyone knows you made a mistake.
Jordyn, 13: I would keep reading like nothing happened.
Mike, 15: I wouldn't be doing the ceremony.
Dillon, 18: I would continue with the ceremony but be freaked out the whole time.
Mark, 15: I would be terrified to go on, and probably leave the thing.
Jake, 16: I wouldn't be speaking.. its my biggest fear!

2. If you were stranded on an island and could only take 3 things, what would they be?

Matthew, 10: Pizza, video games, and clean water.
Christopher, 11: A phone, a friend, and a way to get rescued!
Anonymous: Giant hamburger, swim trunks and a private jet (with gas).
Jeremy, 14: I would bring the obvious: water, hot girls and sun screen!
Steven, 12: Food, water and a tent!
Willy, 12: Food, water and a cellphone to call for help.
Simon, 12: My laptop, a boat and food.
Jake, 10: A knife, water and a phone.
Jordyn, 13: Water, food and a book on surviving on an island.
Caleb, 14: Food, water and an easy-to-fly helicopter.
Paul, 15: Food, water and a phone.
Mike, 15: I would bring a book, my laptop and a helicopter.
Dillon, 18: I would bring a boat, my cell phone and a getaway boat.
Mark, 15: I would bring food, water, and a life boat.
Jake, 16: I would bring a satellite phone (so I could call anywhere in the world for help) a tracking device, and food.
Mike, 15: I would bring a book, my laptop and a helicopter.

3. What's your favourite ride at a theme park and why?

Matthew, 10: The ferris wheel because I like how you're up so high and you can see so far.
Nikolai, 11: I like roller coasters – no specific ones, they're just exciting!
Anonymous: The spider because you can spin around.
James, 12: My favorite ride is anything that doesn't make me barf.
Steven, 12: The rollercoasters are the best! I would know…(I'm at Disneyland right now!) It's my favourite because they're the scariest.
Willy, 12: Rollercosters! I like the ones where you go upside down!
Simon, 12: Rollercosters because everything else is pretty boring. Those up and down rides are pretty good, but they're really short (time).
Paul, 15: Rollercoasters. Because they get your blood pumping and get you screaming.
Jake, 12: The rollercoasters! It's the scariest and fastest!
Jordyn, 13: Rollercoasters of course! The faster the better.
Caleb, 14: The scariest, fastest ride in the theme park would be my favourite.
Mike, 15: I like Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland: it's crazy!
Dillon, 18: My favorite ride is Splash Mountain in Disneyworld.
Mark, 15: My favorite rides are rollercoasters!
Jake, 16: I love Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland!

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