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ASK A GUY, December 2007, by Real Guys


What’s your favourite part of the holidays?

Josh, 16:
Not having to go to school and hanging out with my friends. Oh ya, and sleeping in.
Evan 13: Turkey dinner and getting presents. Plus my Grandma always gives me money.
Kevin 15: Getting time off from school and getting presents.
Wahid 17: When my older brother flies in from Michigan and I get to spend time with him, and eating my Mom’s cooking.

How do you feel about buying a gift for a girl?
Josh 16:
It’s really hard because they like such different stuff.
Evan 13: Why would I buy a gift for a girl? My Mom buys my sister a gift card and says it’s from me. How do I know what girls like?
Kevin 15: I don’t really like to spend the money because she doesn’t ever like what I buy anyway.
Wahid 17: It’s scary. I never know just what to get that’s going to be right for her.
What Do You want to know?

What kind of gift would you like to receive from a girl for your birthday or Christmas or another holiday?
Josh 16: Something that I’d like, not something that they’d like; like a teddy bear or something.
Evan 13: Like from a girl I don’t know? I want gifts but I don’t know what that would mean from a girl.
Kevin 15: PS2 games, or just give me the money and I’ll get what I want.
Wahid 17: Something special that’s just between us. Something that is meaningful to her too.

What do you like best about winter?

Josh 16: Skiing and hockey.
Evan 13: Snowmobiling with my Dad and my uncle and having hot chocolate after playing hockey.
Kevin 15: Chucking snowballs at the bus. But mostly I hate the cold and like to stay in and play video games.
Wahid 17: Me and my family always take a trip somewhere warm, that’s what I like best about the winter. This year we’re all going to Florida.

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