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Ask a Guy - in your sleep, faked sick, goals,treat guys

ASK A GUY, March 2009, by the CCLC


1. What’s the funniest or strangest thing you ever did in your sleep?
Matthew, 10: Talked, laughed, sang, and almost fell down the stairs when sleepwalking!
Matt, 15: I was sleeping!! How would I know??
Mitchell, 12: I sleep with my eyes open sometimes.
Nicholas, 12: I slept-walked to the fridge and poured milk on the floor.
Matt, 17: One time, I woke up in Mexico... although I did fall asleep in Mexico also.
Ryan, 12: I sometimes sleep walk.
Alan, 13: I don’t sleep.
Michael, 12: My sister told me that I ran into her room and tried to get her out of bed because I thought it was Christmas – when it was July!!!
Willy, 12: My parents say I have conversations with myself…and I kick people.
Simon, 12: I walked into the living room and sat on the couch. I woke up there the next morning.
Hayden 10: I slapped my friend across the face 3 times in a row before he finally woke up then he moved away. He told me the next morning.
Dan 14: My mom was trying to wake me up one morning and kept on shaking me. Then I mumbled “Not now… I’m dancing” and my mom started laughing and that’s what woke me up.

2. Have you ever faked being sick so you could miss school?
Matthew, 10: No, I really was sick!
Christopher, 11: Yeah, duh!
Steven 12: I’ve thought about it a few times but chickened out. It’s so not worth it if you get caught!
Willy, 12: Once when I was little I faked having a stomach ache but it didn’t work. My parents sent me to school anyways
Simon, 12: No way. Then I’d have to stay in bed all day and it’d be so boring!
Paul, 15: Yes. I forgot to do my homework so I pretended to have a headache.
Jake, 10: No.
Caleb, 14: I don’t even bother! I know my mom wouldn’t be fooled by it, then I’d just get in trouble for trying.
Jordyn, 13: Nope.
Mike, 15: Sometimes just to chill out and get a day off to game it up!
Dillon, 18: Sometimes if I need to finish homework or a project or something.
Mark, 15: Every so often I need a break from school, so I pretend to be real sick.
Jake, 16: I usually don’t fake sick unless it’s absolutely necessary.

3. What are your goals this year?
Matt, 17:
I want to get a job!
Ryan, 12: I want to stay at the top of my class at school
Alan, 13: Play more sports.
Sheldon, 14: I want to make A league hockey.
Nathan, 15: Do better in school.
Eric, 13: I want to make more friends at school.
David, 12: To have more fun
Logan, 12: Do better in school.
Mitchell, 12: I want to beat my high score on my Wii.
Daniel, 12: To be nicer.
Stephen 13: Pass my piano exam!
Mark, 16: Get more exercise.
Andrew, 15: I don’t make goals.
Josh, 13: Make the Jr. varsity basketball team.
Peter, 15: More spare time.
Anonymous: Not to doodle in class.
Steven, 12: Improve my grades, soccer, skiing and snowboarding.
Willy, 12: Save up to buy myself a few video games.
Simon, 12: Learn to skateboard.
Tyler, 14: I don’t like to set goals for myself because then if I don’t finish them by the end of the year I feel really bad…I just go with the flow of things.
Hayden 10: Get at least one A on my report card.
Luke, 16: Do better in school.
Sid, 15: Be less hyper.
Michael, 15: Help the environment.

4. How do you think girls should be treated?
Jeremy, 14: With respect because they are all beautiful inside.
Matt, 10: You should be kind, not tease them, because we’re all people and deserve to be treated well – with respect.
Brian, 11: Nicely.
Kenton: With respect.
Steven, 12: Kindly and fairly whether they’re a boy or girl.
Tyler, 14: You should treat her how she wants to be treated but it’s kinda hard to tell what they want you to do next.
Stephen, 13: Kindly and respect-fully of course because we should treat everyone like that, but it gets touchy if you don’t pay enough attention or if you pay too much attention to them.
Jake, 11: Just treat them nicely.
Blake, 13: I don’t really know. We should treat them nicely obviously but guys and girls like to be treated differently. Girls are more sensitive to the way they want to be treated so it makes guys confused.
Hayden, 10: Nicely but guys (at least in my grade) don’t really pay a lot of attention to them.
Dan 14: Girls don’t want to be underestimated especially when it comes to sports or sports knowledge. The want to be treated equally as guys but not as “one of the guys”
Nate, 17: With respect, a little nicer than your friends because guys can take a joke easier.
Daniel, 13: The same as everyone else.

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