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ASK A GUY, July 2007, by Real Guys


If you ask a girl to dance and she doesn’t want to, what should she say?

Kyle, 15: Make up an excuse like... “I’m not much of a dancer”... a guy does not want to be rejected straight up.
Chris, 16: What she should say depends on how she was asked. If the person was sincere about it, she should probably respond nicely.
Jamil, 13: She should just say yes. If not, I’ll never get over it.
Seth, 17: The truth. Some girls don’t want to hurt your feelings so they say ‘maybe later’ and then you ask again later and she says no again. Just be honest, but be nice about it.
Brad, 16: There isn’t much you can say that won’t make us feel bad. It’s just a dance... dance with us for 1 song but let us know that’s it. At the end, say thanks and then take off without looking back. We’ll get the message and we don’t have to look like a loser to our friends. If we ask again, tell us you have a boyfriend.

What do you think girls like best about guys?
Chris, 16: The fact that guys can be funny and charming at the same time.
Brad, 16: If they are nice and have a good sense of humour.
Kyle, 15: A genuine and playful personality.
Seth, 17: When we say things they want to hear. Sometimes we have no idea what that is so we get in trouble. But we still try because we like to be with them.
Jamil, 13: When they are good looking.

If you could ask girls any question and you knew you’d get an honest answer, what would be your question?
Brad, 16: I’d ask why they act like they like us but then pretend to be so distant and uninterested when we approach them? It’s really confusing.
Jamil, 13: I would really like to know how do you be the kind of guy that girls like?
Chris, 16: I would ask girls why they use so much make-up all the time?
Seth, 17: I want to know why do they say one thing and then do something else? Like when they tell their friends they like you, and then you try to talk to them about it and they act all weird.
Kyle, 15: I think it would be cool to know what do guys do that bugs girls the absolute most?

What is something about guys that girls just don’t get?

Seth, 17: That when we’re playing sports or watching sports, that’s the only thing we want to be doing. It’s not personal about them, that’s just the way it is.
Jamil, 13: Maybe that we just don’t get anything about them! I’m so confused about them.
Kyle, 15: We need time to spend with the guys, not always with groups of mixed genders.
Brad, 16: Girls don’t seem to get why guys like sports so much. We like to do stuff that is physical and has some risk to it... something that really gets our blood flowing. When we can’t do it, we like to watch it for the same reasons.
Chris, 16: That we don’t care about the little things. Let’s say you got a pimple. A guy wouldn’t freak out about it, but a girl would.

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