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What is Your Best Quality?
Paul, 14: My Abs. I’ve been working out a lot lately.
Marc, 13: I’m always cracking people up, so it’s my sense of humour.
Alberto, 16: It would have to be my charm. I always know what to say to girls. I tell them what’s beautiful about them and I show them respect. They tell me I’m really nice.
Max, 17:Best quality is my personality and sense of humour. I’m easy to get along with and girls think I’m pretty funny.

What’s the first thing you would do with $1 Million?

Alberto, 16: I would go somewhere really cool like Hawaii to surf.
Marc, 13: I would buy a PS3 for me and a nice house for my Mom.
Paul, 14: If I won a million bucks, I’d get a big screen TV for my room with total surround sound and awesome speakers.
Max, 17: A Porsche and tickets for all my friends to a party somewhere tropical for a week!

What do you daydream about?

Max, 17: The new car I just got and where I’m going to drive around to. Also about the new lights I’m going to get for it.
Marc, 13: The end of the day so I can go home. Or if it’s the morning I think about how much longer until recess.
Paul, 14: Girls mostly.
Alberto, 16: Sports and girls, not necessarily in that order. I daydream about my own soccer team or about major league teams that are playing other sports, and when girls go by I switch to daydreaming about them.

What’s your favorite part of school?
Marc, 13: Recess, gym and going home. I have fun at recess and when I try to have fun in class I get in trouble. That’s why I like the going home part.
Paul, 14: Sports and music. I play the sax.
Alberto, 16: Soccer practice, talking to people, meeting girls, and my Economics class.
Max, 17: This is my last year so I have a lot of assignments. That’s not my favourite part but I’m doing awesome this year and I’m getting good marks. I also like driving to school now that I have my own car.

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