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Ask A Guy - new friends, role models, fashion models

ASK A GUY, September 2009, by the CCLC


1. What do you think is the most important thing when finding a new friend?

Matthew, 10: Good character, truthfulness, kindness – look for that.
Jeremy, 14: Having anything in common with the girl or dude is a must!
Steven, 12: The guy’s personality.
Willy, 12: That you get along and that the person is fun to be around.
Simon, 12: That the guy has something in common with you.
Paul, 15: That you guys like each other.
Jake, 10: How nice the person is and if you guys get along really good.
Jordyn, 13: If I actually like the guy and wanna be friends.
Caleb, 14: The person’s personality and morals are similar to mine.
Mike, 15: They need to like video games, and be nice.
Dillon, 18: My friends need to be interested in sports like hockey, but they need to be cool to one another too... be a true bro.
Mark, 15: In new friends I look for similar traits to my own so we’ll get along better.
Jake, 16: When looking for new friends, I look for people who like gaming and sports, and they have to be a lot like me.

2. Who’s your role model at this point in life and why?
Christophe, 11: My Dad.
Steven, 12: I don’t really have a role model… maybe Obama because he’s the first black president of America.
Willy, 12: Umm… I don’t have a role model.
Caleb, 14: That guy on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition because he helps everyone.
Dillon, 18: My fave person is Martin Luther King Jr., he did a lot of things for African American rights and this greatly affected the attitudes of the world about racism.
Mark, 15: My role model is my older brother, Ryan, because hes always there to talk to and hes a pretty cool guy.

3. What do you think about fashion models… what kind of people are they, what are their values, what makes them different from you?
Matt, 17: I think models are usually really thin and hot, and they probably like regular people, only more beautiful.
Alan, 13: I think they are pretty, and probably nice.
Nathan, 15: I think they are pretty, but magazines and the media changes their appearance with computers, so they probably feel like even they aren’t pretty enough for everyone.
Eric, 13: I think they are like everyone else.
Logan, 12: Well they look good, and some are probably nice and stuff.
Adam, 16: I don’t know, its unfair to judge people based on a general opinion. I think of them as regular people.
Mark, 16: Pretty, some nice, some not so nice, their values depend on how they were brought up, and they're different than me because they are well known, and I'm not.
Andrew, 15: They’re way hot! And probably just like everyone else, except they fly to Milan, and are always getting their pictures taken, but other than that.
Josh, 13: I don’t know.
Anonymous: They are sarcastic.
Steven, 12: They’re annoying because all the girls want to be like them and they lower other girls’ self confidence.
Willy, 12: They do stupid things to look good but they’re actually just hurting themselves. Plus they’re selfish because while they’re getting rich, girls all over the world are starving themselves to look like the models they see in magazines.
Simon, 12: Some models aren’t pretty at all, maybe they used to be, but they try to change themselves so that they look like a stick so they become ugly.
Jimmy, 12: I think they’re wasting their time in the modeling industry because you can only be a model for a certain period of time. Once that time is up, you have to find another job. Then you’re facing the world alone with no job, no education and no money.
Tyler, 14: They starve themselves…and what for? Health is more important than looks and you can look good and be healthy at the same time.
Stephen, 13: People hate them but one good quality they have is that they have a lot of self will and determination. Imagine having to devote all your time into your looks and not eat when you want and what you want. I wouldn’t be able to do that.
Blake, 13: They’re just normal people trying to survive. They’re not “good” or “bad”, they’re basically like salespeople, they’re main job is to sell.
Jake, 11: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them because not all models are super skinny.
Hayden, 10: I think a lot of them are ugly. People only hire them because they’re skinny.
Dan, 14: Sure, they look good but they’re hurting themselves to look like that. You don’t have to be stick skinny to look good, just healthy. But lots of girls don’t get that because all they see is this stick skinny model in a magazine or on TV and they’re convinced that to be pretty you have to look like that.
Mark, 13: I cant even name a fashion model.
Matt, 15: They are the same as every one else, there job does not make them more or less superior to anyone.
Michael, 14: I hate the bad way that they make girls feel, their values must be low to go and hurt someone else to help themselves.
Jack, 10: Too skinny.
Matthew, 10: They are “fake” and they are a bad influence to others.


Lerin, Calgary age 13
ok so yah I would be fine with models if they were plus size but the problem is that they do actually lower other girls self asteam(or however you spell that.) It's a problem because there are so many girls out there who are anorexic, belimic or believe that they HAVE to go on a diet just so that people would like them. This leads to death, hospitilization or mental clinics. The problem is is that guys think that they are "hot" which makes girls feel even more bad about themselves. The girls think that they would have to look like them in order for guys to like them. Maybe some of the models are nice but I think that the problem isn't the models themselves its the media that pays them to look like that. That's my problem with models.
i don't think that there is anything wrong with models, i mean, their main job is to sell clothes and present them. it's just that so many are sooooooooooo skinny! they are a bit of a bad influence. i love to see plus size models because they prove that you can do anything.

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