Ask a Guy - opinion about girls and makeup, acting mean liking a girl, what do guys go for

ASK A GUY, May 2007, by Real Guys


What’s your opinion about girls and make-up?
Mike, 18:
Mild touch- ups but mostly natural.Less is more to me!
Chris, 15: I think make-up is alright, as long as its not over the top. Standard stuff like the normal eye shadow and what have you is ok, but insanely ridiculous colours of lipstick and stuff don’t look very good.

Why do guys act mean sometimes when they like a girl?
Chris, 15:
It seems to me to be because most times, they want the girl to think of them as ‘macho’.
Mike, 18: Immaturity is a factor. It’s because they’re insecure themselves. If they think a girl might not like them back, it’s their way of handling the rejection in case it comes. Sounds dumb, but it’s hard to tell a girl you like her, knowing she could not like you and crush your ego!

Is it true that guys mostly go for girls based on their looks?
Mike, 18: Guys who just go for looks can be superficial. Those guys aren’t worth it if they can’t see personality too. Basically, if he can’t see more than looks, it’s because HE doesn’t have much to offer of himself.
Chris, 15: Its only half true, or half false, depending on which way you look at it. Looks can be a big factor, but sometimes it’s not quite as important as other stuff like the general relationship.

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