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Ask a Guy - smells, holiday foods, traditions and memories

ASK A GUY, December 2009, by the CCLC


What is the smell that makes you go “eww” and the smell that makes you go “mmm”?

Alex, 10: mmm= candles burning
, eww=burnt food
Andrew, 14: mmm= chicken
, ewww= the smell of sharpies
Neftali, 13: mmm= chocolate
, ewww= broccoli
Steven, 13: mmm= candy
, eww= gases like human gases
Josh, 13: mmmm = the smell of fresh bread, eww= the smell of hockey equipment
Nikola, 13: mmmm=when my dad makes cabbage rolls
, ewww= outhouses
David, 13: mmm=candle, eww= my sister
Dallas, 14: The smell of garbage makes me go “eww” and the smell of anything cooking makes me go “mmm”.
Travis, 13: The smell of old lady perfume makes me go “eww” and the smell of gas makes me go “mmm”
Keegan, 13: The smell of dog poop makes me go “eww” and the smell of girls make me go “mmm”
Braden, 13: The smells of old houses make me go “eww” and the smell of my family makes me go “mmm”
Kyle, 13: I like the smell of ground beef cooking, but I do not like the smell of gas.
Piers, 11: I like the smell of peanut butter, but hate the smell of cabbage.
Austin, 13: I like the smell of pizza, but hate the smell of broccoli.
James, 14: I like the smell of Vanilla, but hate the smell of “natural body functions”!
Johnny, 14: The smell that makes me go “mmm” is food cooking and the smell that makes me go “eww” is farts.
Carter, 11: The smell that makes me go “mmm” is French fries and the smell that makes me go “eww” is the Vet's.
Carter: egg salad=eww
, Kool aid=mmm
David, 12: Tuna"eww"
, chocolate "mmm'
Tommy, 12 :
eww parmeson cheese
, mmm chocolate
Trevor: eww stinky feet
, mmm chocolate
Rafy, 12: eww garlic
, pizza mmm
Justin, 12: eww cat food
, mmm chicken
Mahawn, 18: eww parmeson cheese, mmm chocolate
Kaine, 12: eww lawn fertilizer, mmm Cinnabon
Ian, 11: ewww fart
, mmm my mom's cookies
Marcus, 12: ewww rotten eggs
, mmm pizza
Scott, 12: eww garbage
, mmm candy
Jonah, 12: ewww my mom and I's toxic gas
, mmm fresh baked cookies
Cameron, 7: I like the smell of bacon and I hate the smell of gasoline.
Ben, 13: Farts are gross and vanilla is good.
Austin, 13: Uh, onions and cupcakes.
Jack, 14: Farts are gross. Oh and pie is mmm.

What is your favourite holiday food? Why?

David, 13: Ham cause it's pig and it’s good!
Alex, 10: Turkey on Thanksgiving cause it tastes really good and it’s healthy.
Andrew, 14: Turkey because I like it.
Neftali, 13: Cake cause it’s really good.
Steven, 13: Any Italian food because I like Italian food.
Josh, 13: Stuffing because it tastes good.
Nikola, 13: Ham because it’s really good.
Nathan, 11: Chinese food because its from a different culture than mine.
Dallas, 14: Turkey because it is sooo yummy with gravy!
Braden, 13: Ham because it is the best ever!
Keegan, 13: Turkey because it is awesome and really good.
Travis, 13: Turkey because it is it is amazing!
Kyle, 13: Cabbage rolls because they are sweet and very tasty!
James, 14: Cream puffs because they are creamy.
Johnny, 14: Eggnog because it is really sweet and you can only get it at Christmas time.
Piers, 11: Eggnog because it is good.
Austin, 13: Eggnog because it is tasty.
Carter, 11: Fruit cake because it’s fruity.
Carter, 12: Chicken cause it's yummy.
Ian, 11: Stuffing cause it tastes good.
Marcus, 12: Apple pie because my dad is an amazing cook.
Justin, 12: APLLE PIE!
Kaine, 12: Turkey because it tastes like chicken.
David, 12: Pumpkin pie.
Tommy, 12: Chocolate cake, I like sugar.
Mahawn, 18: Turkey on Thanksgiving.
Trevor, 12: Pie because it's good.
Rafy, 12: Roti and cabab.
Jonah, 12: Eggnog because it tastes like banana flavored milk.
Scott, 12: Stuffing because it tatse good.
Cameron, 7: Turkey.
Ben, 13: I like turkey.
Austin, 13:
Egg nog, because I love the creamy taste.
Jack, 14: Pumpkin pie, because it is just amazing.

What is your most fun holiday memory?

David, 13: Shoveling my driveway then falling into a pile of snow.
Alex, 10: Going to Disney World.
Andrew, 14: Skiing.
Neftali, 13: When I get presents at Christmas.
Steven, 13: Waking up at 8am on Christmas and everyone surprised me .
Josh, 13: When I got a wii.
Nikola, 13: When I got a whole bunch of candy.
Dallas, 14: When I played my new video games all day long with my older cousins.
Travis, 13: When I went to Mexico with my family.
Keegan, 13: When I went to Phoenix with my family.
Braden, 13: When I got a Wii for Christmas.
Kyle, 13: When my family and I want to Edmonton for Christmas. I got to see my cousins and watch the Edmonton Oilers play.
James, 13: When I got to write songs on Christmas eve by the fire with my friends.
Johnny, 14: When I got to play in a band and write songs.
Austin, 13: When I went to Mexico for two weeks.
Piers, 11: When I got to sing in a choir on Christmas Eve.
Carter, 11: When my parents hid Christmas presents all over the house for my sister and I to find.
Carter, 12: Last holiday I walked across a scary bridge.
Scott, 12: When I visited Florida.
Jonah, 12: Going to Deerhurst.
Rafy, 12: Going to Las Vagas.
Trevor, 12: When my cousins from Alberta came to visit.
Tommy, 12: When I went to PEI.
David, 12: Going camping.
Justin, 12: When I went to Disrey when I was four.
Kaine, 12: Travelling for fashion shows.
Ian, 11: Getting presents on Christmas.
Marcus, 12: When my friend from the army came for Christmas.
Mahawn, 18: Playing paint ball all day.
Cameron, 7: Going tobogganing.
Ben, 13: When I got to the cottage and it is nice out.
Austin, 13: Meeting Santa!
Jack, 14: Summer ’09 at Camp Belwood.

If you could create your own holiday tradition what would it be?

David, 13: Where everyone has to be nice for a day.
Alex, 10: Everyone runs around there house for cancer relief.
Andrew, 14: Andrew Day.
Neftali, 13: Neftali day where we do stuff I wanna do.
Steven, 13: Random month off of school.
Josh, 13: No school for the entire year.
Nikola, 13: Not sure.
Dallas, 14: To have an “All About Me” day!
Travis, 13: I would want to go to the mall and pick anything I wanted and get it for free.
Keegan, 13: That everybody got a free animal that needed love and care.
Braden, 13: To have as much as anything that I wanted to have.
Kyle, 13: To open half of my presents on Christmas Eve and half on Christmas Day.
James, 14: To go snowboarding for a week every year.
Johnny, 14: To go skiing for Christmas and open presents in a hotel.
Piers, 11: I would want to totally destroy the Christmas tree on Boxing Day.
Austin, 13: I would want to get one present each day for a month.
Carter, 11: Everyone in the world got their own gaming system.
Carter, 12: Free stuff from EB day.
Rafy, 12: School closed for one day.
Trevor, 12: No school for a week.
Tommy, 12: Ice cream day every week.
David, 12: Free candy day.
Justin, 12: Do anything you want day.
Kaine, 12: Give back day - go to places where there is alot of poverty and give them warm mitts etc.
Ian, 11: Free things from flee market day.
Marcus, 12: Give me a new guitar day.
Jonah, 12: get $150 for free day.
Scott, 12: Snowing ice cream day.
Mahawn, 18: Go paint ball every Friday.
Cameron, 7: Getting my picture taken with Santa every year.
Austin, 13: Give a hug to your BFF day.
Jack, 14: You get one free item… but only one!

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