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Ask A Guy - snow day, title of your own book, fashion mistake, fave warm drink

ASK A GUY, January 2010, by the CCLC


It’s a snow day. If you could do anything what would you do?

Carter, 12: Play video games.
Justin, 12: Play outside.
Trevor, 12: Throw snow balls at people on the street.
Marcus, 12: Snowboarding rampage.
Ian, 12: Go snowboarding.
David, 12: Make a snow fort.
Jonah, 12: Go and play in the snow.
Tommy, 12: Throw snow balls.
Scott, 12: Have a snow ball war.
Carter, 12: I would go sledding.
Braden, 13: Build a snow fort/ snowman.
Matt, 13: Go snowmobiling. 
Keegan, 13: Go snowboarding.
Kyle, 13: I would have a snowball fight.
Travis, 13: Make a snow fort and play video games.
Brendan, 13: I would play computer games.
Cohen, 13: Go snowboarding with friends.
Isaac, 13: Go quading in the snow.
Connor, 9: I would play computer games.
Mitchell, 9: I would go sledding.
Joel, 13: I would go sledding and then build a fort out of snow.
Jake, 14: Call a friend.
Kalvin, 13: Build a fort or an igloo.
Jaden, 12: Hang out with friends.
Dylan, 10: Build a snow fort.
Nathan, 12: Build a fort of snow.
Kevin, 10: Go for a ride on the quad.
Cameron, 13: Go tobgganing.
Jack, 14: Jump off my back deck into the snow.
Austin, 13: Have a snowball fight!
Jason, 20: Build a snow fort.
Sean, 14: Chill with my friends.

If someone was writing a biography all about you, what would the title of your book be called?

Carter, 12: Carter a COOL STORY!
Trevor, 12: How Trevor Struts his stuff
Marcus, 12: Marcus in the morning.
Ian, 12: Ian the biography
David, 12: The David Story
Jonah, 12: Twist of fate
Tommy, 12: Tommy's Life
Justin, 12: How to be A Dare Devil
Scott, 12: The Awesome world of Scott
Carter, 12: The Movie of Me
Braden, 13: Awesome Me
Matt, 13: Story of a Lifetime
Keegan, 13: The World of Keegan
Kyle, 13: The Biography of Kyle
Travis, 13: The Best Soccer Player
Brendan, 13: The Kid
Cohen, 13:  Forever Cohen
Isaac, 13: The Life of Me
Connor, 9: The Greatest of All
Mitchell, 9: The Life of Me
Joel, 13: Joel’s Biography
Jake, 14: Jakes uphill Battle
Kalvin, 13: Boring
Jaden, 12: Jaden’s life story
Dylan, 10: Dylan = Awesome
Nathan, 12: Nathan's Life
Kevin, 10: Kevin’s story
Cameron, 7: The Journal About Me
Jack, 14: The Big Book About An Amazing Guy Named Jack.
Austin, 13: The World of Austin
Jason, 20: The Way of Jay
Sean, 14: My Life Rocks

What do you think is the biggest fashion mistake that you have seen?

Trevor, 12: My mom's Nighties.
Marcus, 12:  My mom.
Ian, 12: My friend wore his pants backwards.
David, 12: Wearing pj's to school.
Jonah, 12: I put my pant on backwards.
Tommy, 12: My friend had his pants on backwards.
Justin, 12: Someone? pants were on  backwards? :P
Scott, 12: My style.
Mahawn, 18: LADY GAGA!
Carter, 12: I hate when guys wear Speedos. Gross!
Braden, 13: Socks and sandals.
Matt, 13: The biggest fashion mistake would have to be wearing a winter jacket and shorts together.
Keegan, 13: Overalls and winter boots.
Kyle, 13: Beanies and sweaters together.
Travis, 13: Wearing pants too low.
Brendan, 13: Wearing a knee shirt and work boots together.
Cohen, 13: Short shorts on guys.
Isaac, 13: Knitted sweaters.
Connor, 9: Shorts on guys.
Mitchell, 9: Miniskirts on guys.
Joel, 13: I dunno.
Jake, 14: When guys tie their sweaters around their necks.
Kalvin, 13: Socks with sandals.
Jaden, 12: School uniform.
Dylan, 10: A long shirt.
Nathan, 12: Forgetting to wear pants.
Kevin, 10: Not wearing boots in the winter.
Cameron, 7: School clothes.
Jack, 14: Spandex.
Austin, 13: Not sure.
Jason, 20: Socks and sandals are a definite no no.
Sean, 14: Socks and sandals.

What is your favourite drink to keep you warm in the winter?

Carter, 12: Candy cane hot chocolate
Mahawn, 18: Tea
Quadeer, 16: COCOA
Trevor, 12: Hot chocolate
Marcus, 12: Hot chocolate
Ian, 12: Hot chocolate
David, 12: Hot chocolate
Jonah, 12: Hot chocolate
Tommy, 12: Hot chocolate
Justin, 12: Hot chocolate
Scott, 12: Hot chocolate
Carter, 12: Apple cider
Braden. 13: Hot chocolate
Matt, 13: Coffee
Keegan, 13: Hot chocolate
Kyle, 13: Hot chocolate
Travis, 13: Hot chocolate
Brendan, 13: Coffee
Cohen, 13: Hot chocolate
Isaac, 13: Hot chocolate
Connor, 9: Hot chocolate with whipped cream
Mitchell, 9: Hot chocolate with cinnamon
Joel, 13: Hot chocolate
Jake, 14: I hate hot drinks they burn my tongue
Kalvin, 13: Coffee
Jaden, 12: Hot cocoa
Dylan, 10: Pepsi or hot chocolate
Nathan, 12: Hazelnut latte
Kevin, 10: Hot chocolate with whipped cream
Cameron, 7: Hot chocolate
Jack, 14: Hot chocolate
Austin, 13: Hot chocolate... mmm.
Jason, 20: Gotta stay old fashioned - Hot chocolate
Sean, 14: Hot chocolate


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