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Ask A Guy - talk topics with girls, being sad, fighting in sports, self conscious topics

ASK A GUY, October 2007, by Real Guys


What things do you like to talk about with girls?
Mike, 16: I like to talk about stuff we are both interested in. Like what movies or TV they like. I also like girls that play sports so we can talk about that.
Javon, 13: Are you kidding? I don’t know. I just let them do the talking. They can go on and on without me saying much.
Matthew, 14:
Seth, 17:
Depends who the girl is. It can be stuff about her or stuff about me. If I like her I’ll try to find things to talk about that we both like or have in common.
Dean, 15: I think it’s cool when girls talk about guy stuff or even just regular things. Not always about what they look like or clothes or makeup. The best conversation I ever had with a girl was on a two hour bus ride to my Dad’s place and it was about anything and everything and it wasn’t weird. I just met her that day.

What makes you sad?
Mike, 16:
I sometimes feel sad if I don’t do well at stuff. Or maybe if I find out that a girl like isn’t interested in me or said something cruel about me. We may not show it but we still feel it.
Javon , 13:
My dog died when I was 11. That made me really sad. Mostly now I get mad more than sad.
Matthew, 14:
When sports get cancelled.
Seth, 17:
I don’t really get sad that much, but since this is anonymous, I will admit I got really sad when my girlfriend wanted to break up. I agreed to break up so she didn’t think I was that into it. But yeah, I was sad.
Dean , 15:
I’m not sure. I guess I have sad days or maybe that’s when I’m just not feeling very energetic that day.

How come when you play sports you can fight and be mean to each other, then when it’s over, it’s all totally fine?
Mike, 16: Guys are competitive, we like to win. I don’t think we take it personal because like, if my friend is on the other team, he wants to win just as bad as I do. What happens on the field (or ice) stays there. After, well we still want to be friends and hang out so we can just forget about it. We don’t keep talking about it 2 weeks later like some girls.
Javon, 13:
Just because. Why would we be mad?
Matthew, 14:
Because it’s sports. When it’s over, it’s over.
Seth, 17:
I don’t do too many competitive sports, but I watch them a lot. Basically, it’s just part of the fun of the game. It’s not personal or anything. These guys are your buddies.
Dean, 15:
Mean? It’s not like that. We just want to win and we’ll do what it takes, man. We’re not going to say sorry when we tackle someone hard. Playing hard is part of the fun of the game.

What are you self-conscious about?
Mike, 16: Pretty much everything. Like I said I do feel sad if a girl doesn’t like me so I’m sometimes worried about how I look or act in front of girls I like. If a group of people see me do something stupid I’ll feel pretty worried about that for a while.
Javon, 13: Talking to girls. Sometimes they ask questions I don’t get. It’s not that I don’t get the question, I don’t get why they would ask it. Like “What are you thinking?” How do you answer that right?
Matthew, 14:
I have nothing to be self-conscious about.
Seth, 17: I guess I would have to say just doing and saying the right things around girls. They seem to notice way more and point things out. Not always intentionally but it gets me worried sometimes.
Dean, 15: I’d say clothes. For the most part I don’t care what anyone thinks, but when I like someone I want to get it right so I have at least one good thing on my side.


Smarty Pants,15
Having food in my mouth while talking to a girl or someone imporant.

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