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Ask a Guy: what are your weekly chores at home?

ASK A GUY, June 2010


What are your weekly chores at home?

Andrew, 14: Clean my room, take out the garbage and other things.
Stefan, 14: Well... clean my room and take out the garbage.
Nathan, 12: Clean the table, help with dishes and clean my room.
Andrew, 13: Sort my laundry, clean the house, clean the car and many more.
Liam, 13: I don't have any.
Andy, 12: Whatver my parents say.
Ben, 9: Clean my room, read my book and practice karate.
Alex, 14: Help out my dad, clean the house and take out the garbage.
Junny, 13: Collect the garbage around the house and clean my room.
Jake, 15: Walk my dog and homework.
Trevor, 12 3/4: Nothin.
Justin, 12: Clean up my dogs poop.
Ian, 13: Feed my dog.
Brian, 11: Have a shower :P
Lyall, 14: Clean my room.
Steve, 15: Recycling.
Patrick, 17: Recycling.
Mike, 13: Empty the dishwasher and clean my room.
Cameron, 8: Nothing really.
Sean, 15: Keep everything clean.

What are YOUR weekly chores? Post a comment below :)

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