New Brunswick

MY CANADA, July 2009, by Jen Serdetchnaia

New Brunswick

No matter where you set foot in New Brunswick, you will never find yourself more than 200km away from the ocean. New Brunswick residents note that in addition to its amazing ocean proximity, the province is also known for being friendly, green and scenic... three adjectives high school student Christina uses to describe her home province.

Did you know that New Brunswick is the largest of three Maritime Provinces and one of the four Atlantic Provinces on the east coast of Canada?

Like to be online? New Brunswick is known as one of the most internet-connected jurisdictions in the world. 100% of its schools and 90% of all homes and business are connected. It’s no wonder they are leaders in e-learning and online technology and training!


Make yourself right at home when visiting New Brunswick. The province is well-known across Canada for its trademark atmosphere of trust and hospitality, especially in the smaller towns. Christina alleges that many New Brunswick stores still accept returns on purchases without an accompanying receipt. Comparing New Brunswick to the larger provinces, she claims that the pace of life is calmer and that the people are more relaxed. In fact, Christina states that what she loves most about New Brunswick are the people.

The Language
Nearly all New Brunswickers are Canada-born. About 50% are of British origin and another 35% are of French Acadian descent. Consequentially, New Brunswick has the honour of being Canada’s only bilingual province. The bilingual status of New Brunswick was hard-earned by both the French and the British. They feuded over that land for more than a century! The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms specifically recognizes that Anglophones and Francophones in New Brunswick have equality of status and equal rights and privileges. New Brunswick first declared English and French to be the province's official languages in 1969. (You may have thought Quebec was an official bilingual province too, but it’s not. Quebec is actually Canada’s only unilingual (French only) province. )

Weather in New Brunswick
An astonishing 85% of the land mass remains covered by trees; a great testament to the region’s environment. In addition to being green, New Brunswick also holds the title of being the whitest Maritime province—that is to say, it's the snowiest Maritime province in Canada. A whopping 33% of New Brunswick’s precipitation falls as snow... about four metres of it! And the summers? Contrary to all that snowy weather, New Brunswick has the warmest summers in Canada with long days and relaxing swims in the salty ocean.

The Sites
If you would like to experience the power of nature from the shores of New Brunswick, pay a visit to the Bay of Fundy. Prepare yourself to see the highest tides in the world, reaching heights of 16 metres! That’s as high as a 4-story building! The cool part is that these tides rise and fall twice every day.

There is more to the Bay of Fundy than its breathtaking tides. Imagine fifteen different species of whales in addition to dolphins, porpoises, seals, seabirds, sharks and many varieties of fish. You will find them all in the Bay. It is surrounded by rocky cliffs, mud flats, eroded sandstone statues and marsh plateaus. This is a province of incredible diversity and unforgettable scenery.

More into land than water? Grand Manan island is known as one of the top bird watching places in North America. Bring your binoculars!

Want to see the Longest Covered Bridge in the world? You’ll find all 390 m. (1,282 ft.) of it in Hartland, New Brunswick. What about a 90-ton lobster? Well you can. It’s at Shediac and it's 10.5 m (34 ft.) long and 4.5 m (15 ft.) high. It’s not real of course, but it’s a great photo opportunity!

Some of the more popular cities you may have heard of are Moncton, Saint John and Fredericton. Those are just a few of the beautiful cities in New Brunswick. From gardens, lighthouses, museums, sugar camps, theatres, farmers markets and galleries, to bridges, wineries and theme parks, there is lots to see and do on a trip to beautiful New Brunswick. See you there!

Motto: “Hope was restored.”
Flower: Purple violet
Population: 730,000
Languages: English, French
Industry: Manufacturing, forestry, mining, agriculture, fisheries, tourism.
Climate: Coastal area moderate because of ocean, inland area continental with extremes.
Geography: Appalachian region of primarily flat and rolling land, many river systems, highly forested.

~ Jen

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