Nova Scotia

MY CANADA, December 2008, by Jen Sedetchnaia

Nova Scotia

"Welcome to Canada’s Ocean Playground!”
That’s what the provincial licence plate in Nova Scotia reads. After all, the province is completely surrounded by water in the forms of the Bay of Fundy, the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Halifax Metro Region
You can’t miss Halifax on a tour of Nova Scotia! Founded in 1749 it’s the province’s capital city. Along with architecture that is hundreds of years old, countless shops and many restaurants, Halifax boasts the Citadel National Historic Site. Halifax also offers several fascinating museums, such as the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic where you can check out the local ship wreckages and vessels back from the mid-1800s to now.

Cape Breton Island
Arguably one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Cape Breton Island is well known for its Cabot Trail, a scenic drive ascending to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. While overlooking the jagged mountains on the trail, it is not uncommon to see whales in the ocean and eagles in the sky.

Fundy Shore and Annapolis Valley Region
These areas are known worldwide for some of the highest tides in the world (imagine swells of 16.5 metres—these tides are as tall as a five-storey building!). The Shore can also provide you with whalewatching off of Digby Neck or with taste-testing of delicious Digby Scallops. Not a fan of seafood? Grab an apple at the fertile Annapolis Valley which is host to some worldfamous apple orchards.

Are you interested in life before humans? There is no place better to visit than the Joggins Fossil Cliffs on  the Bay of Fundy. It was at Joggins Fossil Cliffs where Sir Charles Lyell and Sir William Dawson, the founders of modern geology, discovered the Hylonomus lyelli— the first true dinosaur!

If you are interested in hiking then you need to check out Victoria Park in the Town of Truro. It’s the go-to spot because of the scenic waterfalls. As you begin hiking through Victoria Park, Joe Howe Falls seems to sneak up on you from around the corner then stun you with its water pounding from a height of fifty feet.

The Eastern Shore
Take the opportunity here to learn about Nova Scotia’s history and discover what it was like before the boom of the mining economy. Sherbrooke Village is an attraction that recreates the lumbering and shipbuilding community of one hundred years ago.

Interested in fishing? Pay a visit to Fisherman’s Cove, a village refurbished to look like it did two hundred years ago. Enjoy deepsea fishing, touring the surrounding islands and of course whale watching.

The Northumberland Shore Region
Want to vacation in style? If yes, a visit to this region is in order. Whether soaking up the rays at Melmerby Beach or feasting on lobster, there is no better way to enjoy your time in Nova Scotia. And if thrills are what you’re after then go out to the Magic Valley Fun Park, where you can board an amusement ride, glide down a water slide or even play some golf.

The South Shore Region
Go here for a different sort of coastal experience. You can explore the little fishing villages and the historic Peggy’s Cove lighthouse. If you’re in the Town of Chester in mid-August, you will have the chance to participate in the Chester Race Week, an annual regatta with participants from around the world.

The Yarmouth and Acadian Shores Region
Learn about the Acadian history and live the Acadian culture here. Visit the French-speaking villages originally of the Acadian people. Some of these date back as far as four hundred years!

In the Festival Acadien de Clare during the summer, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Acadian cooking, such as steamed lobster and seafood chowders. You will also hear many tales of the war between France and Britain in 1744.

In thinking about her home province, Melanie states, “I love being able to wake up and go for a swim in a fresh river right in front of my house or at the waterfalls in a nearby town. I just love it here... Nova Scotia is one of a kind! There are so many opportunities here just waiting for people to find them.”

Capital: Halifax
Motto: “One defends and the other conquers.”
Flower: Mayflower
Population: 950,000
Languages: English, French
Industry: manufacturing, IT, areospace, medical research, oceanography, tourism, film.
Climate: high precipitation, mist/fog; moderated by ocean.
Geography: peninsula nearly surrounded by water, Cape Breton Highlands

~ Jen

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