A Summer to Remember

TEEN STUFF, June 2007, by Jessica and Brittney (twin sisters, 13)

A Summer to Remember
Cool ideas to do this summer…
for BFF memories and having fun!

Here’s the thing…
Every summer we try to come up with cool new ideas to make fun memories with our friends. we’re always so excited for school to be out, but then within a couple of weeks BOREDOM sets in.

The way we see it is this (and we actually agree): all winter long we anxiously await the summer…sleeping in, hanging with our friends, doing fun stuff, and of course, LAUGHING OUR HEADS OFF! Well, not literally ‘cuz that would be just gross. And if we had no heads, we couldn’t eat ice cream – HA! Seriously though, it seems like it’s “July, August, WINTER”, so we wrote a list of some of our fave things to do. Some we’ve done, and some we’re going to try this year. Plan on making the best of the best 2 months of the year. We know we will!

  • Have a sleep-over Marathon: For as many nights as your parents all let you, sleep over at each of your friends' houses every night in a row!
  • Have a popsicle or an ice-cream eating contest.
  • Have a cake eating contest with no hands!
  • Pitch a tent in your backyard and have a camp-out with your BFF’s. Tell ghost stories, stay awake all night, and talk about boys!
  • Movie Marathon: watch movies back-to-back for as many hours as you can stay awake for!
  • Make a movie of your summer. Carry a video camera around with you all summer long and take turns being the recorder. At the end of the summer, have a sleep over and watch the movie!
  • Roller coaster challenge: go to an amusement park and see how many times in a row you can go on the same roller coaster. For even more fun, try it after eating lunch!
  • Make a music video.
  • Put makeup on your friends with your eyes closed.
  • Make up your own recipes for food or smoothies and have each other guess what’s in it.
  • Pretend you are all rich beyond your wildest dreams. Then go to the mall and pick out everything you would buy if your purse was full of hundred-dollar bills! Act rich for the whole day.

~ Jessica and Brittney

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