JoJo: R&B

MUSIC REVIEWS, April 2011, by Sandra Dagovic


Album: The High Road
Artist: JoJo
Label: Universal Distribution
Genre: R&B

It’s time for a WAYBACK TRACK! Do you remember JoJo? Songs such as “A Little Too Late” had over 10 MILLION download hits over Yahoo! This album was what all girls went straight for whenever they had that horrible first breakup or just wanted some time to think. Well now JoJo is coming out with a new album called Jumping Trains. Personally I prefer her older music, in fact, don’t think of it as old... think of it as ‘vintage’. If you want to get back to the simple days of music and aren’t a big fan of trance and dance music, I think you’ll appreciate this album. It’s great for sleepovers and times when you just want to be left with your thoughts. Have a listen and see what you think.

~ Sandra


Aayat (Teen Stuff Crew)
I love Jojo so much. She has an AMAZING voice. Great pick!

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