Kate Nash: Indie Pop / Indie Rock

MUSIC REVIEWS, May 2011, by Sandra Dagovic


Made of Bricks
Artist: Kate Nash
Label: Universal Distribution
Genre: Indie Pop/Indie Rock

Kate Nash was born and raised in the United Kingdom where she began her path to success. Many of her tracks such as “Mouthwash” and “Pumpkin Soup” made the Top 40 in the UK, and even though her song “Merry Happy” received many negative reviews, it hit big in the Western Countries such the United States and right here in our homeland of Canada! Personally “Merry Happy” is my overall favorite, it has a simple and ‘bouncy’ feel to it. It’s a relaxing song that you can hum along to, and just relax. What I really like about Kate Nash is that her lyrics are light-hearted and if you really listen they can actually make you laugh. She has a way of telling a story through her music that makes her unique, and makes me give her two thumbs up!

~ Sandra

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