Katy Perry, Dance/Pop

MUSIC REVIEW, March 2011, by Sandra Dagovic


Album: Teenage Dream
Artist: Katy Perry
Label: EMI Music Distribution
Genre: Dance/Pop

Katy Perry is one smoking firework who doesn’t quit. She’s been releasing hits off her new album “Teenage Dream” like crazy so it’s no wonder why she’s so popular. Did you know that Katy created 4 albums that were never released before she came out with “I kissed a girl”? Katy has been singing since she was very young at her church choir and still continues to show her love and dedication for music. I first started to notice Katy when her first single “Teenage Dream” came out and before you know it she comes out with “California Gurls” , my least favorite track, and then
Firework” which is an extreme success. It’s a great party album for sleepovers when your girlfriends are over! Have a listen and tell us what you think!

~ Sandra


Sarah (Teen Stuff Crew)
For some reason, I love some of her music, even though I hate these kinds of songs with PASSION. I'm not into the kind of messages they send out, but I actually kind of like her music, she's a good artist.
Aayat (Teen Stuff Crew)
KATY PERRY IS MY FAVOURITE SINGER<3 She has an amazing voice, and her songs are amazing, and usually relate to many people's lives. Like Hot n' cold :)
Dayna (Teen Stuff Crew)
I LOVE Katy Perry! I love her new song E.T! This track ^^^ introduced me to some new songs :)

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