Before I Fall

Book Review, May 2010, by the Teen Stuff Crew

Before I Fall

Brittney's Pick

Product: Book
Lauren Oliver
Publisher: Harper Collins
14 and up
Genre: high school girl drama
Rating:   5 stars

Before I Fall is so exciting, raw and wonderfully tragic. I absolutely love this book! Lauren Oliver writes about the value of life and death, redemption, emotional dramas and unforgettable moments between friends, family and boys. If you could live your last day over and over what would you do? Would you break the rules? Would you become your true self? Would you do anything to save your life? Samantha Kingston has an opportunity like no other – to relive her last day. She lived a perfect life – perfect looks, perfect boyfriend, three amazing friends and that popular reputation to control all her peers at high school. One night Sam’s perfect life comes to an unexpected stop when she dies in a car accident. But she doesn’t really die; she wakes up in her bed the morning of her last day. Samantha relives her last day over seven times until she finally realizes the importance of life and what people really think of her. This wake-up call forces Sam to see the value of her life and maybe the only way to save it is to save someone else’s instead. This book is totally crazy and entertaining but also delivers a powerful message of hope, second chances and a moral to live everyday as if it was your last. You will have no choice but to become engulfed in this amazing book as it hurdles forward with more drama and complications, I know I was. Before I Fall should be a definite read for every teen out there.

~ Brittney


totally cool review , can't wait to read it . thanks and keep up the good work
Jenny McW
Brittney, this was a great review! I had this book recommended to me at a bookstore and I can't wait to read it. Keep up the great writing, you definitely made me want to read it even more!

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