Book: A Map of the Known World

A Map of the Known World

Ellen's Pick

Product: Book
Lisa Ann Sandell
Age: 12 and up
Genre: Inspirational Fiction and Romance
A Map of the Known World
This book is AMAZING!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVED this book!!!! This book is about a girl named Cora whose life is going downhill. Her brother was just killed in a car crash, her best friend is acting really weird, she is falling in love with the boy who was in the car with her brother, and Damian and her parents are super overprotective. Cora learns all about her brother’s second life. She feels it is her responsibility to complete her brother’s special project. Will her parents give in and give her the freedom she has always wanted? Will Damian turn out to be who she thinks he is?

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars!

~ Ellen

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