BOOK: Safe


Jessica & Brittney's Pick

Product: Book
Aviva Bel'Harold

Age: 13-17
Genre: Drama/mystery

Jessica: This was and amazing book. I loved every moment of it. It is about this girl whos life is going down the drain. She is bullied, has no friends and no confidence. One night when she wants to end her misery, a boy shows up in her room. This boy is a ghost and is stuck with her as she tries to turn her life around. Throughtout the book you read about how connected they really are and how she realizes she is the one who needs to help. Safe is thrilling, happy, sad and exciting. I totally recommend you read it!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

This is an amazing book, and I totally loved it and could hardly put it down. It covers issues that some teens face, such as bullying, friend issues, boyfriends, and being accepted.

It's about this girl, Mariah, who's life is really messed up in the beginning. She has no friends and is bullied at school. Her family is never around and doesn't seem to care about her so she tries to commit suicide. That night, in her room there was a boy on her bed, Toby, who nobody else can see or hear. Her and Toby are pretty much stuck together. He has to try to help her through her struggles as he tries to regain memory of when he was alive, which turns out to become even harder for Mariah to endure.

This book shows you how to accept and appreciate the things you have and how everyone deserves the best. You can always turn your life around for the better, even though it may seem impossible.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

Ellen: I love this book soooo much!!!!! It is about a girl who is ready to kill herself, until suddenly a boy appears in her bedroom to prevent her from killing herself. Throughout the book she learns about his past and connects with some of his best friends. After awhile she realizes that she is keeping him there with her and she needs to let him go live his life. This is a great inspirational book for girls that need some inspiration!!!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!


Aviva Bel'Harold (author of this book)
Thanks for the great review (:
Gina, 15
I read this book... true it's so sick. I couldnt stop reading it too. I agree with Jessica and Brittany!

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