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BOOK: George's Marvelous Medicine

Book Review, April 2010, by the Teen Stuff Crew

George's Marvelous Medicine

Jessica's Pick

Product: Book
Roald Dahl
Age: 9 and up
Genre: humour/fiction
This is a classic and very funny book, that I've loved ever since my mom read it to me when I was little. My favourite chapter is when George is making the marvelous medicine and getting all the ingredents while is grandmother has no idea what he's up to. The illustrations make the book even better. The story is hilarious, the pictures are great and book is short and easy to read. I love Rold Dahl!

Rating: I give this book 5 out of 5 stars!

~ Jessica


2B at sjw
We also love the book. Some of our favourite parts are when George is collecting the ingredients and putting them in the potion and we also like when grandma's head popped through the roof. We love Roald Dahl books. We have also read 'The Twits' and ' The Magic Finger'!
I love this book i've read this book at school we finished all of the book,my favourite part was when George made some medicine for Grandma.

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