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Meet the girls who are doing the video and written reviews of the books and products they think you will LOVE! Read their profiles to see who you relate to... it might help you decide on your own 'Teen Stuff'. Scroll down to meet them all!

Brittney  Ellen   

Brittney Brittney, 16

Brittney has been involved with GCDA from day one by volunteering at photo shoots and events and using her incredible artistic talents as our Jr. Art Director. She has helped create some of the graphics you see throughout the site - including the new 'Teen Stuff Crew Approved' logo! Brittney was also one of the original Teen Stuff writers when it was a written column about anything that had to do with Teens. Now that the column has become an interactive review section, Brittney has taken on a lead role behind the scenes in making that happen. She also does the research and write ups of Role Models to help inspire us all!

Ellen Ellen, 13

Ellen has been an avid reader of GCDA since the beginning. We first met her at our 5th Official Real Girl Photo Shoot where she was one of our real girl models (watch for her cover coming up in the summer of 2010!). Her amazing energy, team spirit and love of reading (she reads more books than anyone we've met!) is what got her a starring role on the Teen Stuff Crew. Ellen is our youngest (and tallest) Crew member who helps represent the tween and younger teen audience.

Jessica, 16

Jessica is another teen who is very active at GCDA. Along with her twin sister Brittney (you'd never know by looking at them!), she was the other original writer of the Teen Stuff column when GCDA got started. She passed that role onto Brittney when she began her new role as the Program Director for the Cross Canada Leadership Committee (the CCLC) in Sept 2009. As a member of the Teen Stuff crew, Jessica brings her love of reading and trying out new things to the team!

Melanie, 15

Meet Melanie, another GCDA reader turned Crew member! Melanie is the newest member to become active with the GCDA family. Another one who loves to read, she also has a passion for getting involved with school and her community. Now in her first year of high school, Melanie carries herself through the trials and tribulations of being a teen with a positive attitude and a very cool sense of adventure!



i believe in working to promote girls at community level and that is what i believe in.
(--- snip, snip ---) We had to snip your personal information but thanks for your request to be on the crew Jamya, you need to get permission from your mom and email us. We are in Ajax Ontario, Canada.

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