The Body Finder

Book Review, May 2010, by the Teen Stuff Crew

The Body Finder

Ellen's Pick

Product: Book
Kimberly Derting
Publisher: Harperteen
13 and up
Genre: Romance Mystery Horror
Rating: 5 stars

The Body FinderI absolutely love The Body Finder!!!! This was soo suspenseful and haunting!! This book is about a girl named Violet who has a special power. When she was little she was walking in the forest and heard an echo, she started walking toward it and she couldn't stop. When she got to the spot the echo stopped and she started to dig. She couldn't stop her self. She found a little girl in the dirt. From that day her body was drawn towards dead things such as birds and mice, but a serial killer has taken over her town and she is next on his list. While this is happening she is falling in love with her life-long best friend Jay. Will Jay return the feeling? Will she make it to prom alive? This is a MUST READ!!!

~ Ellen

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