Real Girl: Poppy

Age: 13  Grade: Sign: Libra

Faves: My fave colour is purple. My favourite singer is Fergie (the best!), sports are snowboarding and gymnastics, and food is everything! I have a few best friends (you know who you are), and I can't say which one of my pets is my fave (not in front of them).

Hobbies: I love shopping (and have a bad habit of spending too much), swimming, baking with new recipes, dancing, hanging out with friends, drawing, and learning new songs on the piano. I have tried to collect things a few times, but I don't think I have ever gotten more than 5. My recent collection is foreign coins!

School and Stuff: My favourite subjects are Music (I play alto sax) and Art. My least favourite subject is History :P. I've been in Cross Country every year, I'm currently in Student Council and I Office Help every Monday! I like school because I get to see my friends and learn new things, but I don't like school because of the homework!!!

Personality: My friends would probably describe me as funny, smart, weird, cute, athletic, and fun. I would say I persevere, and am a little weird sometimes (HA!).

Life Challenge: I have always been quite insecure about how I look, what I'm wearing, etc. I would become obsessed over my hair, clothes, and makeup. I realized a while ago that what I was obsessing over really didn't matter. Whoever cares about how I look or is whispering behind my back about what I look like isn't my friend and that's that. When I would become obsessed again about how I look I would just remind myself that it doesn't matter as long as I am fine with it. I realized my true beauty. My advice is just ignore the people who don't think you look "good", and consider yourself lucky that you're not like that. Love yourself and life 4ever!

Proud of: I am proud of my strength in learning and academics, and in sports and athletics. I also am proud of my self-confidence and my ear for music! I'm also lucky that I have a great blood pressure (54, that's right, it really is) and calm personality.

So Poppy: Whether it's whistling, cracking my knuckles and toes, eating chocolate whenever I can, being late for everything, talking on the phone with Meryl (BFF) for over an hour, shopping, drinking with my pinky sticking out, exploring, making lists, being out in the rain (that's definitely something to do with my middle name), looking up recipes on the internet, turning on the radio constantly, and bugging my sister, you can always count on me!

Cool facts about Poppy: My middle name is Storm and I can do a back flip. I have traveled to 7 different countries (England 12 times), and have also traveled alone. I was born in England and came over when I was 6 weeks old. I am a decent singer (no one's ever heard my real singing).

Future: There's a lot of things I want to be such as a hairdresser, beautician, pilot, marine biologist, teacher, model, or maybe a musician. I also don't want to have children and would like to travel more. I will also at some point in my life move to Hawaii with my BFF Lauren.

Pet Peeves: All of my 4 dogs barking at the same time, not getting a joke and having it explained to me, being proved wrong even when in my head I'm right, people acting obnoxious, and having bananas being shoved in my face (I'm lightly allergic).

Photography by Taryn Gibb
Poppy’s cover photography
 by Taryn Gibb 
Makeup by Melissa Foster
Hair by stylists from Great Lengths Hair Gallery


Grandpa Baker
Great one Poppy ! Writing more would be embarrassing ! Love Grandpa
Ben D.
This girl is beautiful

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