Discovering you - White

DISCOVERING YOU, May 2007, by Alicja Zajac

white shirts

We call it a color yet it is not really a color at all. White is the combination of all colors of light. In other words, the color white is what we see when the red, green and blue waves of light all send signals to the brain at once.

A little or a lot of white looks great with anything. We wear white to look crisp and fresh and we can decorate our surroundings with white for the same reason. Notice how a newly washed, white outfit always looks so clean! Little wonder that it symbolizes purity of heart and of mind. White keeps us cool on hot days because it reflects 80% of light; and therefore, of heat as well. White is the color we think of when we visualize a filmy lace tablecloth, fluffy clouds,  snowflakes, angels’ wings or a bride on her wedding day. When we need to do some serious thinking, like studying for a test or making an important decision, the presence of white can make it seem easier. A white stuffed animal, white sheets or even lying back on the bed for a while and contemplating on the white of the ceiling will keep our thoughts focused and our mind crystal clear.  

How Much White is Good For You?
You’ll know intuitively how much white is just enough for you by how you feel. Too much white isn’t good either. White is one of your dominant colors if you feel healthiest and happiest when wearing white and surrounding yourself with white. Your skin tends to be dry and literally soaks up moisturizing lotions. You drink lots of water and adore swimming, water skiing and all water activities. Your dominant sense is your sense of smell. You have sensitive lungs and need plenty of moisture to breathe properly and stay healthy. Evening is your very favorite time and sitting on the porch looking at the moon makes you dream and take your best imaginary journeys. White fuzzy creatures make you smile. You might be prone to feeling sad, so meditating on white, such as a white rose and white dove is very soothing and healing. White provides you with comfort and clarity of thought.


  • white represents purity, confidence, peace,  cleanliness, serenity, innocence
  • white instills calm, clarity, trust, intuition
  • flowers gardenia, daisy, lily of the valley, roses
  • stones crystal quartz, white topaz, howlite
  • chakra white is the 8th chakra, above the head
  • white flag is the universal symbol of truce
  • white represents mourning in China
  • the ancient Greeks wore white to bed for good dreams
  • Egyptian Pharoahs wore white crowns
  • Prince Charming rode a white horse
  • a white list contains favoured items
  • a whiteout is when you can’t see in a snow storm

~ Alicja

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