Part II: You and Your Dreams

DISCOVERING YOU, April 2009, by Alicja Zajac

Part II:
You and Your DREAMS

You are spiraling down, down, down towards a huge body of shark-infested water and wake up just before your body hurls into the sea. Or, you are falling headlong into a dark, deep tunnel and fear what may be waiting at the bottom. Most people have had dreams of falling at least once or twice in their lifetimes. For others it may be a recurring dream. Read on, dear dreamers, and the ‘dream of falling’ phenomenon will be explained to you.

Busy Bodies and Amazing Brains
When we are awake our body performs thousands of functions every second. We have very busy bodies (no pun intended) and our amazing brain, like a master director, does an incredible job of making sure that the neurons in our nervous system are firing at a constant rate to keep us functioning optimally while we move and think. The brain also controls the autonomic nervous system, which ensures that your heart keeps pumping, your stomach and intestines keep digesting and your lungs keep breathing without you having to lift a finger. When you finally go to sleep, those hundreds of thousands of exhausted neurons can finally rest, rejuvenate and repair themselves. Poor sleep habits result in inefficient neuron repair and manifest not only as mood swings but especially as poor health. So be good to yourselves, dear dreamers and get your beauty sleep, literally!

Researchers have studied the connection between our awake and our dreaming selves and have deduced that the emotions we feel while awake are reflected in our dreams. Our dreams reflect our wishes and our fears; so let’s examine the theme of dreaming of falling.

The Meaning of Falling in Your Dreams
We’ve all fallen in our ‘awake’ time. You know, that time when you tripped over your brother’s skateboard, or someone pushed you into that cute new boy in your class. In each case, you could not help but fall. You lost control. So what does it mean when you are falling in a dream? It could mean that there is something that you are afraid of – a situation that you find hard to control or whose outcome you fear, something in your life that makes you feel insecure; like falling. It’s important to consider how the feeling of falling in your dreams relates to what you feel in your daily living. When you do you can then face the truth of the situation and do something about it. It may mean that you need to talk to someone who will listen and support you in some way. Once you have faced the situation, the dream should evaporate.

Falling Towards Water

Water represents your emotions. Falling towards water probably means that in real life you are worried about something that makes you feel like you are drowning, not in water, but the feeling of not being able to handle your emotions in a certain situation. Again, take the time to examine the daily aspect of this dream and take steps to face the reality it represents.

Have you ever had a dream where you were spiraling down, down and round and round, like a whirlwind? Again, in this type of dream. there is the feeling of lack of control and the spiraling is a dizzy feeling accentuating just how out of control you feel. Many people also have dreams where they are falling off a tall building and then they wake up just in the nick of time before they hit the pavement! As with the other ‘falling’ dreams, something is upsetting you and you do not feel in control. The size of the problem feels huge, just like the objects in your dream, like cars and pedestrians, which loom ever larger as you plummet closer towards them.

Be Your Own Dream Detective!

No one needs to feel this much stress, so please, dear dreamers, examine your dream as though you were a detective. Like the famous Sherlock Holmes, examine every detail as though checking it out under a magnifying glass. Look for the truth and then, bravely, look for help and do something about the issue you may have.

One last point.
Have you heard others say that if you dream of falling, and actually crash-land, that you will die? Total superstition, sweet dreamers! If you do land at the end of such a dream, what dies is not your body but an aspect of your fear, which is the real-life fear you had of whatever the dream represents. So that actually could be a good thing, because it means that you came face to face with the fear, dealt with it, overcame it, and will now experience neither that fear, nor that dream, again.

~ Alicja

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