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DISCOVERING YOU, October 2008, by Alicja Zajac


black catImagine a black night sky studded with stars, while black bats like paper cutouts dive across the horizon. Feel your heart race if you looked across the sky to see the black silhouette of a crone and her cat riding on a broomstick!
While black is often associated with scary nights and mystery, in a positive light black symbolizes the amazing potential and wonders that can be found within the unknown. When times are bleak and uncomfortable, black can represent fear, depression and anger. Yet in calm, quiet times black represents strength and peaceful silence.

Not really a colour
Contrary to white, which contains all colours, black is the absence of colour since it absorbs light. Where white reveals all, black potentially conceals all.

In many cultures black is the colour for mourning where widows are seen wearing black as a symbol of grief for their departed spouse.
College and university graduates wear black gowns and caps to represent wisdom. You may also see some religious orders wearing black, symbolizing a decision to pursue spiritual development away from society (when cloistered) or as a symbol of wisdom attained at a spiritual level.

Wearing black gemstones adds mystery, sophistication and quiet strength. Black pearls and black diamonds in particular. Black onyx is said to absorb and transform negative energy into the positive and is described as a stone to wear for protection. Wearing black gemstones have been known to boost confidence in confrontational situations.

You may have heard the saying, “Every woman needs a little black dress”. It’s the dress in the closet that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion, while making the wearer feel fabulous! Silver or gold make stunning accessories for black.

Have you heard of a ‘black tie affair’? It’s an event like a wedding where the men wear tuxedos while the women wear gorgeous black gowns or cocktail dresses.
While some people wear black for a confident sophisticated look, others wear it in an attempt to become inconspicuous; to fade into the background and become less noticed. This can either help you out if you’re the shy type that doesn’t want to stand out, or it can give the wrong impression since wearing a lot of black can sometimes come across as intimidating!

Plants and animals
Did you know that black ink is contained in a sac near a squid’s heart? When they are in danger they eject the ink to create a smoky screen that allows them to escapes from sight.

Believe it or not, there are even black flowers such as roses, pansies and tulips. They appear black because pigments in their petals absorb the colours in the spectrum. Very little of the light is reflected back so they look black. In actual fact, they are not pure black but dark deep shades of red, blue and violet.
Try this: sit outside one night and breathe in the quiet darkness and mysterious beauty of the evening. Let yourself relax and feel mellow then write a page or two in your journal before you go to bed. You will see that relaxing in the dark is a wonderful way for creative thinking to blossom.

Black coffee: coffee without milk

Black belt: the highest awarded belt in the martial arts.

In Chinese culture, colours corresponded with the five primary elements, the directions, and the four seasons. Black was associated with water, north, and winter.

In England, taxi cabs are traditionally black.

A black cat crossing one’s path is considered bad luck in many cultures, except in England, where spotting a black cat is considered good luck.

Black implies weight -- people will think a black box weighs more than a white one.

Musicians in an orchestra pit often wear all black during live concerts, so as not to draw attention away from the stage performers.

The colour black is so widely regarded as sophisticated in fashion that the term “the new black” is often used to describe and give merit to a colour trend.

Black sheep: a bad character in an otherwise respectable group.

~ Alicja

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