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DISCOVERING YOU, August 2008, by Alicja Zajac




SilverWere you born with a silver spoon in your mouth? If so, you were born into a wealthy family and don’t have to work for a living.

A person who speaks eloquently, with confidence and ease, is said to be ‘silver-tongued’, whereas a ‘silver-tongued devil’ is someone who seemingly speaks with sincerity but is really being untruthful.

You may have had parents or grandparents tell you that they have ‘earned’ each of their silver hairs. Some say that the number of silver hairs one has represents the number of difficult experiences they have gone through in life and in raising their children. What do you think of that?

Have you heard the statement that to every cloud there is a silver lining? It’s a gentle and creative reminder that there is a positive side to every seemingly negative situation, much like the saying “where one door closes, another is opened.”

Whereas gold is said to be masculine and is represented by the sun, silver is associated with female energy and is symbolized by the moon. Silver is the cool, moonlit, luminous counterpart of white with a metallic shine. In Greek mythology, the Goddess Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo, the Sun God. Her symbol is the moon and she is said to hunt with silver bow and arrows. She stands for the feminine qualities of intuition and inner strength.

For many years, silver was traditionally given as a gift for weddings and anniversaries. This tradition is changing now as newlyweds tend to prefer more practical gifts that will help them to furnish their homes. Silver gifts continue to be symbolic of a couple’s twenty fifth wedding anniversary.

As one of the quiet, cool colours, some say it lacks pizzazz while others feel it has a calming effect. Certainly it is more playful than its more somber sister, grey.

Visualize a moonlit night, with a glorious full moon lighting up the dark night sky. Below, fields of white daisies dazzle in its glow and on the serene lake in the distance, the moon’s reflection looks like a molten silvery path that you would love to follow. What a dazzling, silver sight that makes!

is beautiful and elegant and often rivals gold as the precious metal of choice in jewelry. 

Dressing up? Try a pretty black dress, silver earrings and shoes, and a black handbag studded with silver rhinestones make an elegant statement. For a casual day with your BFFs, try faded jeans with a bright coloured top and a silver belt. Add some silver chandelier-style earrings to dress it up.

Wearing silver is said to draw negative energy away from the body, replacing it with positive energy. If you are tired or feeling cranky or upset, wear your silver necklace or pendant for a few days and feel the good energy begin to flow through you!

Are you experiencing writer’s block? Can’t seem to get inspired to finish that art project? Wear something silver, use a silver pen, keep your drawing pencils in a silver container or put photos in silver-coloured frames. Since some say that creative and artistic expression can be enhanced by using silver, why not give it a try?

Silver Facts:

  • Classic movies dating from about the 1960’s and beforeare said to be movies of the ‘silver screen’. 
  • After testing 23 methods of purifying water, NASA chose silver as the purifying agent on the Space Shuttle program.
  • Silver symbolizes purity and strength since it is not destroyed by fire.
  • In ancient times, Greeks and Romans used silver containers to keep liquids fresh.
  • Silver is associated with the moon, water and emotions.


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