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FASHION, June 2010, by Nadia Baboo


My family & I recently enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Jamaica. In addition to flip flops & sunscreen, I needed new swimsuits. Now, as much as I love shopping, swimsuits are not my most favourite thing to shop for. But it had to be done and thankfully to my surprise, there are a lot more options available than I had expected! After my shopping experience, I came up with 3 simple tips I hope you’ll find helpful.:


Tip#1 – Be honest with yourself about your size

The average woman’s size in North America is a 14 and many of us are different sizes on top and bottom. Thankfully there are many more ‘separates’ options out there that you can mix & match to create a whole swimsuit wardrobe! Remember ladies…every size is beautiful. Love and embrace what you have and dress it the best you can.

Tip #2 – Is it for show or sport?
Think about whether you’re lounging poolside or training for the swim team. There are lots of suits with great appliqué detailing, which may not stand up to a rigorous schedule. Make sure everything will stay in place during active play. When trying on a suit in the store, jump and dance around to make sure you don’t have any ‘wardrobe malfunctions’. Remember, choose your suit according to its purpose, not just it’s statement!

Tip#3 – Know your options
Let’s face it – bikinis aren’t for everyone. Now, I know some of you may disagree, but there may be better alternatives for certain body types. For example, if your tummy is your area of concern, then try a ‘tankini’. It still provides the comfort and versatility of a two-piece, but it covers the belly. Some one-pieces are now made with built-in body slimmers to streamline you from bust to bottom. If you’ve got a fuller behind that you’d like to minimize, then go for a brief bottom that lifts and provides fuller coverage. This will create a much more flatterin

g silhouette. For my trip, I opted for a pair of swim shorts that held in my tummy and streamlined my thighs. I felt confident walking on the beach and I didn’t have to keep pulling my bottoms back into place.

For fuller-busted gals, choose a top with a built-in bra. It will keep you supported during water volleyball and with the wonderful colours and patterns available you’ll still be fashionable out of the water!

If you’re on the slim side, you’ve got a lot of options available, but if you’d like to add a little bit of volume, opt for ruffle details or lighter and brighter colours.

Finally, the most important thing when deciding on a swimsuit is to choose one that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Like any other piece in your wardrobe, you should enjoy wearing it, and it should make you feel like you…only better.

~ Nadia


Rachel, 13
i hate to shop for bathing suits. i am 13 y.o. and a little bit overweight. i am different sizes every where. girls bathing suits are too small and womens are to much and i dont have everything to fill them out yet. i am 5'3 and dont know what to do at the pool?!?!?

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