Broke and Messy!

ORGANIZATION, October 2009, by Jenny McKee


Dear Jenny,
How do I get my room organized with a tight budget, I mean like really tight?  Right now I use cardboard boxes to put my things in but when I dig down to find stuff it messes up everything in the box.  I lost marks twice for losing my homework! My room is pretty much a dump (as my mom calls it). Any ideas for a broke, messy teenager?
~ Broke and messy, 13

Hello Broke and Messy,

You’re not alone! It’s often hard to keep things tidy and organized with a smaller budget. When you go to the bigger stores there are so many really cute and cool baskets, bins and accessories, but most of them aren’t cheap. However, if you’re inventive and thrifty you can find lots of free or inexpensive ways to keep things organized. 


Visit the dollar store and you’ll be amazed at what you can get for just a few dollars. Plastic baskets, file holders, garbage cans, photo storage boxes, containers with lids, hooks and even under bed storage bags. It’s one of my favourite places for supplies! Why not check out the local thrift store or garage sales as well? You may find shelving, storage containers, filing cabinets and more. Someone else’s junk may just be what you need to keep your room tidy. You could even ask your friends, they may have things they aren’t using that would work great for your space.


But don’t just go out and buy everything or you’ll waste money buying things you don’t need… which may make the room even worse! The best way to figure out what you need is to give your room a good clean and get rid of all the things you don’t use anymore, like clothes that don’t fit or knick knacks that you’re tired of. Once you see what you have left, you’ll be better able to decide how you want to store it.


See what things you have around the house that could be used for a different purpose. Milk crates spray painted a cool colour are great mounted on the wall or even stacked up to make a book shelf. Perhaps you could find or make a large bulletin board as well. They’re great for posting up pictures of your BFFs, inspirational quotes, your calendar and any important papers that you don’t want to lose (like Homework!). You can make it your own by covering it with funky paper or fabric to match your room.


Organizing and keeping your room tidy doesn’t have to be hard. Try to keep it simple.  Keep similar things together and be consistent about where you put things away, then you’ll be sure that they’ll be there the next time you need them.

Have fun!


Triple.L , 13
hey !! :] well every single time i clean my room , it always gets messy again ~ =/ i always promise myslef i will keep it clean lil everyday, but it dont work for me!! somehow it always gets back to the way it was and im just so busy i dont have any time for it :/ pleaaase help!! :]

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