Get in THE ZONE, zoning your bedroom!

ORGANIZATION, August 2008, by Jenny McKee 


Get In

Like many teenagers, you probably spend a lot of time in your room. Studying, chatting on line or on the phone, sleeping, reading, getting ready or just recharging for another day, your space needs to be one that reflects you. And you know me... it also needs to be organized!

Start by getting rid of any garbage or items that don’t belong.
Take the empty glasses and other dishes to the kitchen, pick up the crunched paper that missed the garbage can and chuck the items you know you don’t use or need. Honestly, if it’s not useful, loved or beautiful, then let it go already! Why hang onto something that doesn’t make you feel good? This goes for clothes too. If you don’t love it, it doesn’t fit, or you haven’t worn it in the past year, GIVE IT AWAY!

Now look at the layout of your room.

Are you making the most of your space?  Is there a better way you could arrange your furniture to make more space? Here’s the trick: Divide your room into ZONES and keep the things you need for those zones stored and arranged in those areas.

Your top three zones are:
Chillin’  Dressing  Studying


This is your bed and nightstand area. It’s your comfy place! The necessary items to store there would be things like a reading light, extra pillows and blanket, alarm clock, iPod or CD player, tissues, journal and your books. I know you don’t want to hear this, but make your bed every day. Seriously, you’ll feel better and it will make your bed more welcoming later. I love duvets for this reason.  One fluff and shake and your bed is made! Add a few throw pillows for a touch of colour and comfort. This is your space, let it reflect your style!


This is your closet and dresser area. Try putting your dresser near your closet, so when you’re trying on outfits, it is all nearby. Divide your clothes into their own zones as well. Keep your pants with pants, shirts with shirt, sweaters with sweaters, etc. When you’re trying to figure out what to wear, you’ll see all your options more clearly when they’re near each other. This would be a good place for your hamper too, just don’t forget to use it! Laundry lying around is visual clutter that will affect how you feel in your room. It takes about the same amount of time to put something away in the wrong space as it does the right space. Try it!


This is your workspace.  Whether you have a computer, desk or table, it needs to be set up for your needs. Keep the top of your space clear so that you can have room to work. Have all your supplies such as paper, pens, and calculator within easy reach. If you have to go hunting for supplies, you will waste time and get off track.  There are some great baskets and containers available to keep items sorted and easy to find, use them to help organize your small things. If you have a lot of papers, consider a desktop filing system so that all your papers are within easy reach, and won’t get lost in the shuffle.

By keeping things in your room in their proper zones, you will find it easier to maintain and be more efficient each day.  If your room is cluttered and out of control, it will influence your state of mind.  By clearing out the clutter, setting up zones, putting like items together and focusing on what you want from your space, you’ll enjoy your room even more. And hey, you’ll probably get your parents off your back about tidying up as well! It’s a win/win situation!

~ Jenny

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